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BMW in Formula One

BMW has been involved in Formula One in a number of capacities since the inauguration of the World Drivers Championship in 1950. The company entered occasional races in the 1950s and 1960s, before building the BMW M12/13 inline-four turbocharged engine in the 1980s. This engine was the result of a deal between BMW and Brabham, which resulted in the teams chassis being powered by BMW engines from 1982 until 1987, a period in which Nelson Piquet won the 1983 championship driving a Brabham BT52-BMW. BMW also supplied the M12/13 on a customer basis to the ATS, Arrows, Benetton and Ligier teams ...

BMW Sauber F1.07

The BMW Sauber F1.07 is a Formula One single-seater racing car built by BMW Sauber for the 2007 Formula One season. The car was the first to have been designed fully by BMW, following their purchase of the former Sauber team. Initial pre-season testing was very positive, with many speculating that BMW could surprise some of the top teams with their performances when the season got underway.


Dr Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, usually shortened to Porsche AG ; see below), is a German automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans. The headquarters for Porsche AG is in Stuttgart, and is owned by Volkswagen AG, which itself is majority owned by Porsche Automobil Holding SE. Porsches current lineup includes the 718 Boxster/Cayman, 911, Panamera, Macan, Cayenne and Taycan.

Honey Puffs

Honey Puffs is a breakfast cereal produced by Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Company and sold in New Zealand and Australia. It is made by puffing pieces of wheat and lightly coating them all over with honey.

Xavier Darcos

Xavier Darcos is a French politician, scholar, civil servant and former Minister of Labour. An agrege professor in literature and general inspector of the National Education system, he has been Mayor of Perigueux, a Senator, and a minister in Jean-Pierre Raffarin and François Fillons governments.

Mihail Formuzal

Mihail Formuzal is a Moldovan politician of Gagauz ethnicity, who was Governor of the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia from December 2006 to March 2015.

Manfred Porsch

Manfred Maria Porsch is a composer of Austrian contemporary worship music and a teacher. Manfred Porsch comes from the Focolare Movement. In 1971 and 1972 he toured with Gen Rosso. In 1983 he won the first prize at the "World Festival of the Religious Song", the "Rassegna Mondiale della Canzone Religiosa Populare" in Rom. In 1987 Porsch founded "Musica e Vita Osterreich" and initiated the festival series "Fest der Lieder". He published about 200 songs on more than 20 albums. After a long musical break, in 2012 Porsch published new songs together with the producer Thomas Raber.

Susanne Porsche

Susanne Porsche is a German film producer and investor. She began moderating TV shows for children on ZDF in 1979, but later decided to work behind the camera, directing and writing screenplays. From 1988 to 2008 she was married to Wolfgang Porsche, grandson of automotive pioneer Ferdinand Porsche. They have two sons. Since 2007, she lives with director Xaver Schwarzenberger.

Isotropic formulations

Isotropic formulations are thermodynamically stable microemulsions possessing lyotropic liquid crystal properties. They inhabit a state of matter and physical behaviour somewhere between conventional liquids and that of solid crystals. Isotropic formulations are amphiphillic, exhibiting selective synchronicity with both the water and lipid phases of the substrate to which they are applied. Most recently, isotropic formulations have been used extensively in dermatology for drug delivery.

Otto Porsch

Otto Porsch 12 September 1875 – 2 January 1959) was an Austrian biologist. After his Ph.D he worked with Gottlieb Haberlandt in Graz and did his habilitation with Richard Wettstein in Vienna. He became first director of the botanical garden in Czernowitz now Chernivtsi, Ukraine and later professor at the University of Czernowitz now Chernivtsi University. Porsch became director of the botanical institute in Vienna in 1920. He retired in 1945 and died in 1959.

Hedwig Porschutz

Hedwig Porschutz was active in the German resistance to Nazism. She was recognised posthumously as Righteous Among the Nations for aiding and rescuing Jews during the Holocaust.

Esico of Ballenstedt

Esico of Ballenstedt is the progenitor of the House of Ascania. Esico was the count of Ballenstedt, and his possessions became the nucleus of the later Principality of Anhalt.

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