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Koli, Finland

Koli is a hill by the lake Pielinen in municipality of Lieksa in eastern Finland. It mainly consists of white quartzite, and its summit has large treeless areas. Koli village is at the root of the hill, and the area is part of Koli National Park. Koli has inspired many painters and composers, e.g. Jean Sibelius, Juhani Aho and Eero Jarnefelt. Eero Jarnefelt painted a large scene together with A.W. Finch and Ilmari Aalto in 1911, which can be seen in the Helsinki railway station restaurant. Painters discovered Koli in the 19th century and it has been called one of the national sceneries of ...

Eagle's Nest Hill

Eagles Nest Hill is a hill in the Russian city of Vladivostok. Previously called Klykova, the peak was renamed in honour of the Russian troops who fought at Mt. St Nicholas in the Shipka Pass during the Russo-Turkish war of 1878. Geologically the Eagles Nest is an extinct volcano, part of the Sikhote Alin range.

Mount Kholodilnik

Kholodilnik Mountain, is a mountain in eastern Russia. It is located in Primorsky Krai, and is in the highest peak within the city of Vladivostok at 257.9 m. There are fortifications near the summit, some of which are abandoned, while others are still used by the military. Tourists can visit the mountain to see the buildings and cellars of Fort Count Muravyov-Amursky and Soviet naval battery No. 198 "Kholodilnik" built 1935, as well as the four remaining 130-mm B-13-3s battery guns. Mount Kholodilnik features many picnic areas on its eastern slope, as well as a pure water spring. The slope ...


Avachinsky is an active stratovolcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the far east of Russia. It lies within sight of the capital of Kamchatka Krai, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Together with neighboring Koryaksky volcano, it has been designated a Decade Volcano, worthy of particular study in light of its history of explosive eruptions and proximity to populated areas. Avachinskys last eruption occurred in 2008. This eruption was tiny compared to the volcanos major Volcanic Explosivity Index 4 eruption in 1945.


Vilyuchik, also known as Vilyuchinsky is a stratovolcano in the southern part of Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. It is located about 30 kilometres SSW of the closed city of Vilyuchinsk.


Goryashchaya Sopka

Goryashchaya volcano is the explosive volcano in the Kuril Islands in Russia. Its top is 891 meters. Currently it is dormant and its last eruption was in 1914. He had five explosive eruptions between 1842 and 1914.