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.ws is the Internet country code top-level domain for Samoa. It is administered by SamoaNIC, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Samoa.

The.ws domain is an abbreviation for "Western Samoa", which was the nations official name in the 1970s when two-letter country codes were standardized. Although there are no geographic restrictions on registration of most second-level.ws domains.org.ws.gov.ws, and.edu.ws registration is restricted.

Prior to March 14, 2008.ws domains were not allowed to be transferred from one domain registrar to another.

The.ws country code has been marketed as a domain hack, with the.ws purportedly standing for "World Site", Web Site or Web Service, providing a "global" Internet presence to registrants, as it supports all internationalized domain names. Due to its potential popularity, a sliding scale of prices is operated by the registrar, depending on the brevity of the desired domain. Domains with four characters or more are competitively priced while three-, two-, and single-character domains have their own pricing tiers, quickly scaling into thousands of United States dollars.

In 2016.ws gained popularity as one of the first domain name registries to offer emoji domains.

As of 2018, there are approximately 25.000 emoji domains registered on.ws.

Google treats the.ws ccTLD as a generic top level domain gTLD.

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  • The WS - 15 Chinese: 涡扇 - 15 pinyin: Wōshàn - 15 codename Emei, is a Chinese afterburning turbofan engine designed by the Shenyang Aeroengine Research Institute
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  • WS - Coordination is a Web Services specification developed by BEA Systems, IBM, and Microsoft and accepted by OASIS Web Services Transaction TC in its 1
  • systems include the 302 mm WS - 1 100 km range the improved 302 mm WS - 1B 180 km range the 122 mm WS - 1E 40 km the 400 mm WS - 2 200 km range as well
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