ⓘ .kp


ⓘ .kp

.kp is the Internet country code top-level domain for North Korea. It was created on 24 September 2007.


1. History

North Korea applied for the.kp Internet country code top-level domain ccTLD in 2004. ICANN, however, refused because North Korea did not meet some of the requirements. Another attempt was made via Korea Computer Center KCC Europe in 2006. Later, the main body of KCC and the North Korean Ambassador to the United Nations petitioned ICANN again. They were refused again for providing insufficient information. A new application was sent in January 2007 and an ICANN delegation visited the country in May. This time ICANN agreed to assign.kp to North Korea.

One of the first organizations to adopt a.kp domain was the Korean Central News Agency in 2009.

Previously, the.kp domain was managed by Korea Computer Center KCC Europe. A large number of.kp websites were also hosted by KCC Europe in Germany. However, in 2011, management was transferred to the Pyongyang-based Star Joint Venture.


2. Domains and subdomains

As of 2017, at least nine.kp top level domains and more than 30 domains are accessible to the global Internet. These are as follows:

Some.kp addresses are used by the North Korean Intranet only.