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ⓘ .bb

.bb is the Internet country code top-level domain for Barbados. The.bb top-level domain has been maintained by several administrators since its creation. The first of which was the University of Puerto Rico. In 1996 the Government of Barbados sought the relegation of.bb to the incumbent local exchange carrier, Cable & Wireless Ltd. A 2001 Memorandum of Understanding was then later signed between the Government of Barbados and both Cable & Wireless Ltd. and its sister company Cable & Wireless Ltd., to continue the administration of the ".bb" domains until the government selected alternate directives. In November, 2007.bb was again relegated to the Telecoms Unit within the Government of Barbados.

The Government has indicated that the governments policy will be to maintain a semi-restricted domain. Legal issues regarding domains are to be handled by the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office CAIPO arm of the Government.

The fee for Barbados main ccTLD and all of the second and third-level domains is BD$120 annually. This pricing is significantly higher than most other domains, which has discouraged its use. At present the.bb namespace does not allow for commercial licenses to entities without some connection to Barbados.


1. Second-level domains

  • .store.bb - general use
  • .org.bb - general use usually for not-for-profit organisations
  • .edu.bb - Barbadian educational organisations
  • .biz.bb - general use
  • .com.bb - commercial entities
  • .info.bb - general use
  • .net.bb - network providers
  • .co.bb - general use usually commercial
  • .tv.bb - general use
  • .gov.bb - Barbadian government organisations

2. Timeline

  • 1991-September: – University of Puerto Rico is delegated the.bb domain.
  • 2007-November: – The Government of Barbados assumes total administration and control of the.bb ccTLD from C&W.
  • 1996 – The.bb ccTLD becomes re-delegated from Univ. of Puerto Rico to Cable & Wireless.
  • 2001-October 16: – The Government of Barbados and Cable & Wireless sign a MOU for the later to maintain interim-administration of the.bb ccTLD.
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