ⓘ Invasión


ⓘ Invasion

Invasion is an Argentine film released in 1969 and directed by Hugo Santiago. It is an example of an inter phase between the classic cinema and nouvelle vague of French style.


1. Plot

A group of men commanded by an older man attempts to stop an invasion to the city of Aquilea. The invaders are common men who defend the city, ignored by the people in general, but with the development of the film it is understood that the invasion is absolute and impossible to define. The defeat of the defenders is evident from the beginning, as in the "Trojan War".


2. Characters

  • Julian Herrera, played by Lautaro Murua: Commands the men who fight the invaders. Flat Hero, without visible emotions, almost the prototype of the Borgean compadrito.
  • Irene, played by Olga Zubarry: Herreras wife, has a double life, and the discovery of this double life was the final surprise of the film.
  • Don Porfirio, played by Juan Carlos Paz: He is the head of the defenders. He calls one by one, giving them the instructions, but he also has other plans.

3. History

Some negative rolls were lost during the Argentinian dictatorship. The film was restored in France in the 1990s using the surviving negatives and lower-quality positives.


4. Connections

  • El Eternauta: The invaders arrive to Buenos Aires, defended by a dispersed group, that knows that the defense is impossible, and the final victory of the invaders by their large number was used in the comic strip El Eternauta of Hector German Oesterheld of 1957.
  • The Trojan War: The epic of the defeated begins to Iliad.
  • The city: The story speaks of Buenos Aires, calling it Aquilea.