ⓘ Calvert City, Kentucky


ⓘ Calvert City, Kentucky

Calvert City was named for Potilla Willis Calvert. He built his home, Oak Hill, in 1860 and around a decade later gave a portion of his land to a new railroad, specifying that a station be built near his home. That station served as the starting point of the town, which was incorporated on March 18, 1871. The railroad station and post office long favored the shorter Calvert, but the Board on Geographic Names reversed its earlier decision in 1957 and switched to the longer form.

In 1896, the City of Calvert was known as the city at sunset, where blacks were not allowed to live. By 1908, the other in Marshall County and also expelled its African-American residents.

During the flood of the Ohio river in 1937, the Calvert business district and the residential area was severely affected by the floods.

In 1940-ies, the construction of nearby Kentucky Dam in the administration of the Tennessee valley authority brought plentiful electric power that led to many industrial plants, mostly chemical manufacturers, to locate between the city and the Tennessee river. Merchant Luther Draffen played an important role in attracting dams and industrial plants.

  • 26 Aspen Street in Calvert City Kentucky It was built by Potilla Calvert the founder of Calvert City and the man for whom the city was named. On December
  • England Calvert railway station Calvert Alabama Calvert Kansas Calvert Maryland Calvert Texas Calvert City Kentucky also formerly known as Calvert Calvert
  • WCCK 95.7 FM, K95.7 is a radio station licensed to serve Calvert City Kentucky United States. The station is owned by Jim Freeland, through licensee
  • Kentucky Route 95 KY 95 is a 7.532 - mile 12.122 km state highway in Marshall County, Kentucky It runs from U.S. Route 68 south of Calvert City to Haddox
  • Kentucky Route 282 KY 282 is a 5.3 - mile - long 8.5 km state highway in the U.S. state of Kentucky The highway connects Calvert City and Gilbertsville
  • St. Mary is a home rule - class city in Marion County, Kentucky in the United States. During the 2010 U.S. Census, the Saint Mary Division of Marion Co
  • States. Americans celebrate the Fourth of July. Calvert City has AmeriBration and is sponsored by the Calvert Area Development Agency CADA Ameribration
  • Kentucky is a state located in the Southern United States. It has 419 active cities Since January 1, 2015, Kentucky cities have been divided into two
  • Gilbertsville and Calvert City are immediately downstream. Kentucky Lake stretches southward for 184 miles 296 km across Kentucky and most of the length
  • Madren Elbern John Calvert August 5, 1911 September 27, 2013 was an American magician and film actor. He performed on stage including Broadway