ⓘ Randolph Township, McLean County, Illinois


ⓘ Randolph Township, McLean County, Illinois

Randolph Township is located in McLean County, Illinois. As of the 2010 census, its population was 4.375 and it contained 1.636 housing units.

Randolph township was named for Gardner Randolph, who settled in the area in January, 1822, near a thick grove of trees next Randolphs Grove. The village of Heyworth is part of the village.

Randolph township was formed in 1858 and sent its first supervisor-Bloomington, the County, on 17 may 1858. This town 22 North, range 2 East and part of township 21 North, Range 2 East of the third principal Meridian. He is part of the North tier of sections in township 2, which were adopted McLean County between 1844 and 1849, instead of giving them back to DeWitt County when it was formed. This is a 6x8 instead of 6x6. It is bounded by the township downs in the East, Bloomington city in the North, the town of funk-groove to the West of the village of Wapella, in the County of DeWitt to the South.

In 2008, Randolph township officials were:

  • Cemetery Trustees: Harold Necessary president, Kurt Flora secretary, Dan Billington.
  • Glenn H. Milton, assessor.
  • Donald O. Newby, supervisor.
  • Larry W. Mowery, town clerk.
  • Town Trustees: Del Reinitz, Kevin Rustemeyer, Vernon Terrell, Rodger Zook.
  • Mark J. McGrath, township attorney.
  • Dennis L. Powell, highway commissioner.
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