ⓘ .pl


ⓘ .pl

.pl is the Internet country code top-level domain for Poland, administered by NASK, the Polish research and development organization. It is one of the founding members of CENTR.


1. History

The.pl domain was created in 1990, following the mitigation of the COCOM embargo on technological collaboration with post-communist countries. The first subdomain in.pl was.pwr.pl, belonging to the Wroclaw University of Technology.

In 2008 the number of registered.pl domain names exceeded one million, whereas at the end of 2013 the registry comprised more than 2.4 million domain names.

Each domain must be registered in the National Domain Name Registry.


2.1. Second-level domains Functional domains

  • .mil.pl: military
  • .art.pl: art
  • .net.pl: network infrastructure
  • .com.pl.biz.pl: commercial entities
  • .info.pl: general information
  • .org.pl.ngo.pl: NGOs and not-for-profit organizations
  • .gov.pl: government
  • .edu.pl: education

2.2. Second-level domains Regional domains

There are more than 100 regional SLDs in Poland.

  • .kalisz.pl: Kalisz city
  • .lodz.pl: Lodz city
  • .malopolska.pl: Malopolska region
  • .opole.pl: Opole city
  • .krakow.pl: Krakow city
  • .lublin.pl: Lublin city
  • .waw.pl.warszawa.pl: Warsaw city
  • .konin.pl: Konin city
  • .bialystok.pl: Bialystok city
  • .olsztyn.pl: Olsztyn city
  • .radom.pl: Radom city
  • .bydgoszcz.pl: Bydgoszcz city
  • .slupsk.pl: Slupsk city
  • .zgora.pl: Zielona Gora city
  • .pila.pl: Pila city
  • .slask.pl: Slask region
  • .poznan.pl: Poznan city
  • .nysa.pl: Nysa city
  • .gda.pl.gdansk.pl: Gdansk city
  • .elk.pl: Elk city
  • .wroc.pl.wroclaw.pl: Wroclaw city
  • .torun.pl: Torun city
  • .katowice.pl: Katowice city
  • .gorzow.pl: Gorzow Wielkopolski city
  • .tychy.pl: Tychy city
  • .rzeszow.pl: Rzeszow city
  • .czest.pl: Czestochowa city
  • .szczecin.pl: Szczecin city

Many registrants prefer to create their own second-level domains, directly under.pl - as of 2012, over 1.500.000 such domains are registered.