ⓘ Au Pair (film)


ⓘ Au Pair (film)

Au Pair is a 1999 American made-for-television romantic comedy film starring Gregory Harrison and Heidi Noelle Lenhart. The film is the first in the Au Pair trilogy.


1. Plot

Jennifer Morgan Heidi Noelle Lenhart is an MBA looking for a job as an executive at Oliver Caldwell’s Gregory Harrison company. Through a series of errors, she is given a job as the au pair for his children, Katie Volding and Alex Jake Dinwiddie.

The kids have been spoiled by Oliver since their mother died, and they have become quite the trouble makers. Oliver is engaged to Vivian Berger Jane Sibbett, who dislikes the children and becomes jealous of Jennifer as she bonds with them. The kids, preferring Jennifer though, in the beginning played pranks on her to Vivian, play matchmaker, and expose the plotting Vivian for who she really is.

In the ending of this movie, when Oliver arrives at his splendidly beautiful castle, he discovers that his ruthless and corrupt fiancee, Vivian, has already made arrangements for their wedding and that they were going to get married that very evening.

Later on, Jennifer, Alex, and Katie arrive, and Oliver demands to speak with Jennifer. To Alex and Katies dismay, Jennifer is mercilessly fired by their father because Vivian told Oliver that Jennifer was plotting against his company just moments before the ceremony begins. Alex, then, comes up with an idea to spy on Vivian and her clumsy, odd sisters. As the children, Nigel family chauffeur John Rhys-Davies, and Oliver spy on Vivian in her boudoir, Vivian reveals her evil plots and schemes.

Infuriated, Oliver bursts into the boudoir and breaks up with Vivian. Oliver storms out of the castle with Vivian and her wacky sisters chasing after him. Once they descend upon the bridge, Vivian demands that Oliver hand over her ring. Oliver takes the ring out of his coat pocket, throws it over the bridge, and into the water. Vivian, then, blindly launches herself off the bridge in her silk bridal gown and plummets into the water. Vivians sisters try to catch their sister as she falls, but they end up falling into the water as well. Vivian emerges from the depths of water and angrily pounds the waters surface with her clenched fists.

Later, Jenny and Oliver share a kiss.


2. Cast

  • Eva Gyetvai as Secretary
  • Peter Linka as L.A. Chauffeur
  • Caitlin Griffiths as Girl on Plane
  • Kristin Hansen as Matronly Woman
  • Michael Woolson as Charlie Cruikshank
  • Jake Dinwiddie as Alex Caldwell
  • Larry Robbins as Ernie
  • David Ungvari as Receptionist
  • Heidi Lenhart as Jennifer Jenny Morgan
  • Jane Sibbett as Vivian Berger
  • Richard Riehle as Sam Morgan
  • Gregory Harrison as Oliver Caldwell
  • Pat Elliott as Sutton Parks Employee
  • John Rhys-Davies as Nigel Kent
  • Katie Volding as Katie Caldwell
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