ⓘ Marie-Victorin (electoral district)


ⓘ Marie-Victorin (electoral district)

Marie-Victorin is a provincial electoral district in Quebec, Canada that elects members to the National Assembly of Quebec. The district is located in the Vieux-Longueuil Borough of Longueuil. It is bordered to the north by chemin de Chambly, to the east by the city limits, to the south by the Canadian National railway, Boulevard Deslauniers and the city limits and to the west by the Saint Lawrence River.

It was created for the 1981 election from parts of Laporte and Tayon constituencies.

Unlike 2001 the electoral map of 2011, it received some territory from Tayon.

It was named in honour of brother Marie-Victorin, a botanist of Quebec.

  • Prix Marie - Victorin an award for scientific achievement in Quebec Marie - Victorin electoral district an electoral district in Quebec Marie - Victorin an
  • in a by - election on December 5, 2016. She represents the electoral district of Marie - Victorin Fournier is the youngest woman to be elected to the Quebec
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  • Ontario 18: New Brunswick general election 24: Municipal by - election in Marie - Victorin Ward, Montreal 2: Yukon School Council elections 3: Nunatsiavut Assembly
  • Leblanc was the Liberal candidate for National Assembly of Quebec in the Marie - Victorin riding. He was defeated, finishing in a distant third place. 3 Quebec
  • Party of Montreal, serving as chief organizer for its candidate in the Marie - Victorin ward for two elections during Drapeau s tenure as mayor. His decision
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  • for each district Source: Election results, 1833 - 2005 in French City of Montreal. Pierre Bourque resigned as councillor for Marie - Victorin in 2006.
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  • Nancy Guillemette gaining the seat from the Liberals. March 11, 2019: Marie - Victorin MNA Catherine Fournier leaves the Parti Quebecois caucus to sit as an