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Art finance

Art finance and Art finance advisory are terms referring to a set of financial services provided by some auction houses, banks, and consulting firms, and marketed to such firms clients who are art collectors or artists.

The Arts Map

The Arts Map was an international online resource to locate and identify artists and their studios, as well as galleries, art schools, museums, performing arts facilities, and related associations, service organizations, and businesses around the world, which are related to the arts. Public art in communities could be identified. The resource focused especially upon the great range of fine arts and things related to them. Using specific names or more generalized selections made in an extensive check-box listing system and combined with the Google maps application and technology, The Arts M ...


ArtTactic is an art market research firm based in London founded by Anders Petterson in 2001. The company uses techniques similar to those used in the financial markets to analyze the art market and build up art market trends. Their services include market sector reports for both art mediums such as photography and regional sectors such as China, auction analysis, artist reports, and the ArtTactic confidence reports, which are surveys of the leading art market players and their sentiments and confidence towards individual artists and different segments of the art market. There are confiden ...

Associated American Artists

Associated American Artists was an art gallery in New York City that was established in 1934 and ceased operation in 2000. The gallery marketed art to the middle and upper-middle classes, first in the form of affordable prints and later in home furnishings and accessories, and played a significant role in the growth of art as an industry.

Art auction

An art auction or fine art auction is the sale of art works, in most cases in an auction house. In England this dates from the latter part of the 17th century, when in most cases the names of the auctioneers were suppressed. In June 1693, John Evelyn mentions a "great auction of pictures Lord Melforts in the Banqueting House, Whitehall", and the practice is frequently referred to by other contemporary and later writers. Normally, an auction catalog, that lists the art works to be sold, is written and made available well before the auction date. Some of the best known auction houses are Chr ...

Blockage discount

Blockage discount is an art-business-related and legal term of art for referring to the money discount assigned to a group of artworks by a single artist when that group of works is to be released to market as a group rather than individually. A blockage discount adjusts the fair market value of the works downward because of the risks of depreciation when a large volume of art is released into the market all at once.


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  • Government of Haryana with the name State University of Performing and Visual Arts which was renamed to the State University of Performing and Visual Arts on
  • Performing and Visual Arts Kinder HSPVA, HSPVA or PVA is a secondary school located at 790 Austin Street in the downtown district of Houston, Texas
  • Visual Arts Center of Richmond, also known as Vis Arts formerly called The Hand Workshop is a not - for - profit, 501 c 3 arts center in Richmond, VA.
  • of Visual Arts CVA in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States, was a private, accredited, four - year college of art and design offering a Bachelor of Fine
  • case, the performing, visual and or media arts Schools that successfully applied to the Specialist Schools Trust and became Arts Colleges received extra
  • The Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts is the only building actually designed by Le Corbusier in
  • University of the Visual and Performing Arts UVPA Sinhala: ස න දර ය හ කල ව ශ වව ද ය ලය, Tamil: கட ப ல, அரங க ற றக கல கள பல கல க கழகம is a public
  • The J. T. Margaret Talkington College of Visual Performing Arts is a college at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Prior to 2004, the college s
  • Laguna College of Business and Arts formerly Laguna Institute or LCBA is a private non - sectarian school in Calamba, Laguna, Philippines. The campus was
  • The College of Visual and Performing Arts is an academic college of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA. The colleges include three
  • Department Philosophy Department School of Visual Arts and Design Theatre Department Women s Studies Program Department of Writing and Rhetoric The college offers
  • Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University, formerly the Stanford University Museum of Art, and commonly known as the Cantor Arts Center, is an