ⓘ Fat pad sign


ⓘ Fat pad sign

The fat pad sign, also known as the sail sign, is a potential finding on elbow radiography which suggests a fracture of one or more bones at the elbow. It is may indicate an occult fracture that is not directly visible. Its name derives from the fact that it has the shape of a spinnaker. It is caused by displacement of the fat pad around the elbow joint. Both anterior and posterior fat pad signs exist, and both can be found on the same X-ray.

In children, back porch Pad of fat involves condylar fracture of the humerus. In adults it indicates a radial head fracture.

In addition to the fracture, any process, resulting in knee effusion in the joint may also demonstrate abnormal input Pad of fat. The increase in intracapsular fluid is also seen in a few terms and conditions other than fracture, and this produces the anomalous input Pad of fat. In these cases, history and clinical examination in addition to laboratory findings will guide the provider in determining whether to treat a condition such as occult fracture or further workup for other pathology.

Sign the fat pad is invaluable in assessing for the presence of intra-articular fractures of the elbow joint. Front of adipose tissue is often normal. However, trim back fat seen on the lateral x-ray of the elbow is always abnormal. The patient can not bend them at the elbow and requires orthopedic intervention.

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