ⓘ Together (2000 film)


ⓘ Together (2000 film)

Together is a Swedish comedy-drama film, which was released to cinemas in Sweden on 25 August 2000. It is Swedish director Lukas Moodyssons second full-length film. Set in a Stockholm sharehome called "Tillsammans" in 1975, it is a satirical view of socialist values and a bittersweet comedy.


1. Plot summary

Together is set in one of the sharehome communes that was created around Stockholm in the 1970s. Loosely led by the kind-natured Goran, who will do anything to avoid a conflict, the group spend their time arguing about left-wing politics and other more practical issues, such as whether doing the dishes is bourgeois. The sharehomes dynamics are significantly shaken when Gorans sister, Elisabeth, leaves her violent husband Rolf and moves in, bringing her two children Eva and Stefan.

Self-declared lesbian Anna lives in the commune with her ex-husband Lasse and their son Tet named after the Tet offensive, who befriends Stefan. The two play games such as "torture the Pinochet victim" where, in the spirit of equality, they take turns at being Augusto Pinochet. Eva meanwhile befriends a lonely boy across the street named Fredrik; his family appears conventional on the surface but proves to be even more dysfunctional than the commune of which they so openly disapprove. The children are portrayed as sidelined by everyone in the film, from the new school where they are bullied to the parents who, while genuinely loving, are too busy experimenting with their own freedom to show it.

Elisabeths husband Rolf makes a concerted effort to clean up his act, although not before getting drunk and arrested, leaving his children stranded on a roadside after a disastrous meal in a Chinese restaurant. Further relationship problems are found with Klas, who is desperately in love with Lasse, and between Goran and his selfish and immature girlfriend, who wants the benefits of an open relationship but not the responsibilities.


2. Trivia

The character "Birger" Sten Ljunggren had previously appeared in another film from the same director. He was played by the same actor as in the short film Talk Bara prata lite in 1997.


3. Selected cast

  • Emil Moodysson as Måne
  • Lars Frode as Sigvard
  • Jessica Liedberg as Anna
  • Gustaf Hammarsten as Goran, Elisabeths brother
  • Olle Sarri as Erik Andersson
  • Emma Samuelsson as Eva, Elisabeths and Rolfs daughter
  • Shanti Roney as Klas
  • Henrik Lundstrom as Fredrik
  • Cecilia Frode as Signe
  • Sten Ljunggren as Birger
  • Michael Nyqvist as Rolf, Elisabeths husband
  • Ola Rapace as Lasse
  • Anja Lundqvist as Lena, Gorans girlfriend
  • Axel Zuber as Tet, Anna and Lasses son
  • Lisa Lindgren as Elisabeth
  • Sam Kessel as Stefan, Elisabeths and Rolfs son

4. Development

Although set in Stockholm in eastern Sweden, the film was actually shot in western Sweden, mainly in cities Trollhattan and Gothenburg. Filming began in 27 October 1999 and wrapped 20 December 1999. Artist Carl Johan De Geer created the films contemporary environments.


5. Reception

The film received mostly positive reviews from critics. Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 90% based on reviews from 79 critics, with an average rating of 7.2/10. The websites critical consensus reads "Managing to be both satirical and warm-hearted in its look at the inhabitants of a commune, Together successfully captures the spirit of a time." On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 84 out of 100, based on 29 critics, indicating "universal acclaim".

The New York Times called Together "A funny, graceful and immensely good-natured work", while Salon described it as "The kind of picture that makes you feel that there are many good reasons to actually like mankind."


6. Soundtrack

  • Nationalteatern – "Hanna från Arlov"
  • Turid – "Song"
  • Maggie Bell – "Caddo Queen"
  • Bo Hansson – "Leaving Shire"
  • Bo Hansson – "At the House of Elrond and the Ring Goes South"
  • Tony Hung – "Paddy Fields No. 1"
  • Shit & Chanel – "Fandango"
  • Hoola Bandoola Band – "Vem kan man lita på?"
  • Nazareth – "Love Hurts"
  • Bo Hansson – "The Black Riders Flight to the Ford"
  • Tony Hung – "Morning Stroll"
  • Ted Gardestad – "Come Give Me Love"
  • Peps Blodsband – "Onådens år"
  • ABBA – "SOS"
  • Ted Gardestad – "Så mycket battre"
  • Marie Selander – "Vi ar många"
  • International Harvester – "Its Only Love"
  • Pugh Rogefeldt – "Har kommer natten"
  • Ted Gardestad – "Jag vill ha en egen måne"
  • Shit & Chanel – "Jorden Vinden Fuglene"

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