ⓘ Andalusian Party


ⓘ Andalusian Party

The Andalusian Party was an Andalusian nationalist-regionalist centre-left political party from Andalusia, with an important presence in provinces such as Cadiz and Seville although in the past they have stood in other provinces and even won seats in Barcelona to the Parliament of Catalonia.


1. History

The party was founded as the Socialist Alliance of Andalusia Alianza Socialista de Andalucia in 1965 by Alejandro Rojas-Marcos. In 1976 it took the name Socialist Party of Andalusia Partido Socialista de Andalucia. In 1979 the name was changed to Socialist Party of Andalusia - Andalusian Party PSA-Partido Andaluz. The PA party name was adopted in 1984. Its last Secretary-General was Antonio Jesus Ruiz.

A splinter group, led by former leader Pedro Pacheco, was formed in 2001, under the name Socialist Party of Andalusia Partido Socialista de Andalucia, later rejoined back into Partido Andalucista.

Historically, the party had been strong in the capital city of Andalusia, Seville, as well as other big cities like Jerez de la Frontera or Algeciras, obtaining the cities mayorship in several times in all three cities. At their 17th Congress on 12 September 2015, the party dissolved.


2. Ideology

The Andalusian Party declared itself ideologically as an Andalusian, federalist and progressive nationalist political organization. Its main motivation is the extension and maintenance of Andalusian autonomy, fighting against a "conformist attitude" and defending the cultural identity of Andalusia.

The PA declared itself as a political organization that defended the interests of the Andalusian people and sought to obtain equality before other peoples of Spain. This means that from the PA they considered Andalusia as a nation with its own cultural identity, a condition that has been accommodated until today in article 2 of the Spanish Constitution of 1978, and which was conquered as in no other Spanish territory, starting from the ratification of autonomy and the Statute in a referendum. Therefore, they defended this political and legal fact in those institutions and organizations in which they were present.

The PA also declared itself as a progressive organization, referring only to an option committed to an autonomous and sustainable socio-economic development of Andalusia, innovative and empowered to generate initiatives, and in this way, overcome the territorial and social imbalances within and dependency and inequality with respect to other peoples, rejecting the current role assigned to the autonomous community as a provider of resources and low-skilled labor.

The PA was called federalist, because it supported a model of political organization that surpassed the State of the Autonomies and that advanced towards a federal State in Spain.

It declared itself, finally, of the left, when it declared that there was an indisputable priority for the construction of a more just and egalitarian society, open and tolerant, peaceful and supportive, that guarantees the conservation of the cultural and natural heritage that identifies the community so that be enjoyed by the next generations, as well as a level and quality of life that allows maximum happiness and well-being to the Andalusian people.

  • created for the 1994 European Parliament and Andalusian regional elections. It was composed by the Andalusian Party and the Andalusian Progress Party
  • primarily by the Andalusian Party however the party disbanded in 2015 there are also lesser political organisations that identify with Andalusian nationalism
  • The Andalusian Progress Party in Spanish: Partido Andaluz del Progreso PAP was an Andalusian nationalist political party in Andalusia, founded in 1993
  • Andalusian Convergence in Spanish: Convergencia Andaluza CAnda was an Andalusian nationalist political party in Andalusia. CAnda emerged in may 2006
  • The People s Party of Andalusia Spanish: Partido Popular de Andalucia, PP informally also known as the Andalusian People s Party Spanish: Partido Popular
  • Andalusian Left in Spanish: Izquierda Andaluza IA is an Andalusian nationalist and socialist political party in Andalusia. The party is currently inactive
  • The 1996 Andalusian regional election was held on Sunday, 3 March 1996, to elect the 5th Parliament of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. All 109 seats
  • Socialist Party of Andalusia Spanish: Partido Socialista de Andalucia PSA was an Andalusian nationalist and social - democratic political party in Andalusia
  • President of the Regional Government of Andalusia with the support of the Andalusian Party The Parliament of Andalusia was the devolved, unicameral legislature
  • Andalusian Nation in Spanish: Nacion Andaluza NA is an Andalusian nationalist, independentist and socialist political party in Andalusia Spain Its
  • communist and Andalusian nationalist party in Andalusia, Spain. Founded in 1979 with the name Collective for the Unity of Workers Andalusian Left Bloc Colectivo
  • United Left IULV CA remained stagnant with 6 seats, whereas the Andalusian Party PA suffered a major drop in support and failed to enter the regional
  • and 17 seats. Both the Communist Party of Andalusia PCA PCE and the Socialist Party of Andalusia Andalusian Party PSA PA performed poorly with 8 8