ⓘ Bear (disambiguation)


ⓘ Bear (disambiguation)

  • Bear Island disambiguation
  • Bear River disambiguation
  • Bear Brook disambiguation
  • Bear barony, County Cork, Ireland
  • Bear, Idaho, United States, an unincorporated place
  • Bear, Arkansas, United States, an unincorporated place
  • Bears, Friesland, Netherlands, a village
  • Bear, Delaware, United States, a census-designated place
  • Bear Mountain disambiguation
  • Bear Cave, Romania
  • Bear Creek disambiguation
  • Bear Seamount, an underwater volcano in the Atlantic Ocean

1. Arts, entertainment, and media


  • The Bears album, 1987
  • The Bears band, an American power pop band formed in 1985
  • The Bear album, by Element Eighty
  • Symphony No. 82 Haydn, popularly known as the Bear Symphony

1.1. Arts, entertainment, and media Films

  • The Bear 2012 film, an Iranian film original release Khers
  • Bears film, a 2014 Disneynature film
  • Bear 2011 film, a black comedy short film by Nash Edgerton
  • Bear 2010 film, a US natural horror film
  • The Bear 1984 film, an American biopic about football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant
  • The Bear 1938 film, a Soviet drama film
  • The Bear 1988 film, a French adventure-drama
  • The Bear 1998 film, a British animated television short

1.2. Arts, entertainment, and media Literature

  • The Bear fairy tale
  • The Bear, a childrens book by Raymond Briggs
  • The Bear play, by Anton Chekhov
  • "The Bear", a short story by William Faulkner in his collection Go Down, Moses
  • Bear novel, by Marian Engel

1.3. Arts, entertainment, and media Music

  • The Bears album, 1987
  • The Bears band, an American power pop band formed in 1985
  • The Bear album, by Element Eighty
  • Symphony No. 82 Haydn, popularly known as the Bear Symphony

1.4. Arts, entertainment, and media Radio stations

  • Touch FM Stratford-upon-Avon also known as The Bear 102, Stratford-upon-Avon, England
  • CKRX-FM, "102.3 The Bear", Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
  • WBYR, Indiana, United States
  • CKNL-FM, "101.5 The Bear", Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada
  • CKQB-FM in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada CKQB-FM identified as "106.9 The Bear" from 1994–2009 and 2011–2014
  • CFBR-FM, "100.3 The Bear", Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • WNBB, Bayboro, North Carolina, United States
  • WEKS, "92.5 The Bear", Georgia, United States
  • KQBR, Texas, United States
  • WBRW, Virginia, United States

1.5. Arts, entertainment, and media Other arts, entertainment, and media

  • "Bear", a 1984 TV ad known for its "bear in the woods" line, for presidential candidate Ronald Reagan
  • Bear comics, by Jamie Smart
  • "Bears", an episode of the television series Zoboomafoo
  • The Bear opera, by William Walton


2. Brands and enterprises

  • Nestle Bear Brand, a powdered milk and sterilized milk brand
  • Bear Inn, Cowbridge, Wales
  • Bear Inn, Oxford, England
  • Bear St. Pauls Churchyard, a historical bookseller in London
  • Microsoft Bear, a project mascot

3. Sports teams


  • Missouri State Bears, United States
  • Brown Bears, United States
  • The teams of the University of Northern Colorado, United States
  • Mercer Bears, United States
  • Morgan State Bears, United States
  • Central Arkansas Bears, United States
  • Baylor Bears, United States
  • NYIT Bears, United States
  • California Golden Bears, United States


  • Chicago Bears, an American football team
  • Coventry Bears, an English rugby league football club
  • Doosan Bears, a KBO League Baseball club
  • Oldham Bears, defunct English rugby league football club
  • Brisbane Bears, an Australian rules football club
  • Hershey Bears, an American hockey team
  • North Sydney Bears, an Australian rugby league football club

4. Military

  • USS Bear 1874, a United States Navy ship and forerunner of modern icebreakers
  • Tupolev Tu-95, a Russian bomber aircraft, NATO reporting name "Bear"
  • Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot, a humanoid military robot
  • BEAR Beam Experiments Aboard a Rocket, a U.S. experimental particle-beam weapon
  • USCGC Bear WMEC-901, a United States Coast Guard cutter

5. Other uses

  • Bear, common name of the moth Lycia ursaria
  • Pedobear, an Internet meme
  • BEAR and LION ciphers
  • Bear grape
  • Bear market, in economics, a general decline in a stock market
  • The Gentlemen Bears, drinking and dining society of St Edmunds College, Cambridge
  • Bear gay culture
  • Bere grain, which can also be spelled "bear"
  • Russian Bear, a symbol of Russia
  • Bear Boy Scouts of America, an achievement level
  • Water bear, another name for the microanimal tardigrade