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List of Mazda engines

Although Mazda is well known for their Wankel "rotary" engines, the company has been manufacturing piston engines since the earliest years of the Toyo Kogyo company. Early on, they produced overhead camshaft, aluminum blocks, and an innovative block containing both the engine and transmission in one unit. This section summarizes piston engine developments. Note that only Mazdas V-twin, Inline-4, and V6 configurations have made it to market. The company has engineered and completed a W12 engine by 1990 for use in their proposed Amati luxury car brand. Due to financial hardships during that ...

Mazda J engine

The Mazda J-family are a range of 60-degree V6 engines featuring a cast-iron cylinder block and alloy heads with belt-driven DOHC or SOHC. It is Mazdas only cast-iron gasoline V6. These engines are found in the Mazda H platform-based Mazda 929, Efini MS-9, and Mazda Luce, as well as the L platform Mazda MPV and S platform Mazda Bongo. It was built at the Miyoshi Plant in Miyoshi, Hiroshima, Japan.

Mazda K engine

The Mazda K-series automobile engine is a short stroke 60° 24-valve V6 with belt-driven DOHC and all-alloy construction. Displacements range from 1.8 L to 2.5 L. They all use a 27-degree DOHC valvetrain with directly actuated hydraulic bucket lifters. The K-series also features a highly rigid aluminum split-crankcase engine block design with 4-bolt mains with additional bolts securing the lower block, an internally balanced forged steel crankshaft with lightweight powder forged carbon steel connecting rods. They were designed with the intent of being as compact as possible for short-hood f ...

Mazda kei car engine

The tiny 660 cc K6A was a Suzuki I3, used in the Suzuki-built 1998 Mazda Carol. The turbocharged version produces 63 hp 47 kW and 106 Nm 78 lb ft, while the normally aspirated version is rated at 53 hp 40 kW and 63 Nm 46 lb ft.

Mazda V-twin engine

Mazdas first automobile engine was the V-twin family. This tiny air-cooled engine was only produced for a few years in the early 1960s before Mazda introduced a more common inline-four engine configuration.