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Eichstatt is a town in the federal state of Bavaria, Germany, and capital of the district of Eichstatt. It is located on the Altmuhl river and has a population of around 13.000. Eichstatt is also the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Eichstatt.

  • Ingolstadt. The district of Eichstatt in its present form was established in 1972 by merging the former district of Eichstatt with parts of the dissolved
  • The Katholische Universitat Eichstatt - Ingolstadt is a Roman Catholic research university in Eichstatt and Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. Compared to other
  • The Prince - Bishopric of Eichstatt German: Hochstift Eichstatt Furtsbistum Eichstatt Bistum Eichstatt was a small ecclesiastical principality of the
  • of Eichstatt was a mediatised principality within the Kingdom of Bavaria that existed between 1817 and 1833 and encompassed an area around Eichstatt with
  • The Diocese of Eichstatt is a diocese of the Catholic Church in Bavaria. Its seat is Eichstatt and it is subordinate to the archbishop of Bamberg. The
  • city of Eichstatt Bavaria, in Southern Germany. The first Roman Catholic cathedral of Our Lady and Sts. Willibald and Salvator in Eichstatt was built
  • The VfB Eichstatt is a German association football club from the town of Eichstatt Bavaria. Since 2017 it plays in the Regionalliga Bayern, the fourth
  • List of the bishops of Eichstatt Willibald 741 - 786 Geroch 786 - 801 Aganus 801 - 819 Adalung 820 - 841 Altun 841 - 858 Ottokar 858 - 881 Gottschalk 881 - 884 Erkenbald
  • Reginold of Eichstatt died 4 April 991 in Eichstatt was Bishop of Eichstatt from 966 to 991, much admired as a poet, musician, scholar and orator