ⓘ Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust


ⓘ Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

Pennine Care NHS Trust is an NHS Foundation Trust in England providing community and mental health services in parts of Greater Manchester and Derbyshire.

It provides community, mental health promotion and specialist services in bury and Oldham. The trust has won one of the first service contracts community retendered cover Oldham clinical commissioning group with the application of partnership with the involvement of age UK, Lancaster house consulting & diagnostics & surgical Ltd and a consortium of GP, primary care-Oldham. The contract is valued at £22.5 m per year for three years, with the possibility of extension for a further two.

In Rochdale that provides community, mental health and service professionals and in MJ it provides mental health care to children and adolescents and utilities.

In Stockport it provides mental health and specialist services in Tameside and Glossop mental health, rehabilitation and specialized services. The trust created a new system for the street Triage service, to provide 24-hour consultation for police and paramedics in Tameside at the best place for patients during incidents. This should reduce the number of people detained in accordance with the mental health Act.

It was created in April 2002, and in July 2008 was a 100-trust to obtain the status of the Fund.

In 2012, the UK Supreme Court ruled that the trust was found to be in violation of Article 2 of the European Convention on human rights, allowing a mentally ill patient who voluntarily detained in the hospital to go home for the weekend. The patient suffered from depression and it is known that the risk of suicide. She committed suicide while on leave from the hospital.

The trust took over the utilities in Trafford from Bridgewater community health Foundation trust the National health service in 2013.

He scored an impressive 98% in the friends and family Test in may 2015.

He was named by health magazine as one of the top one hundred NHS trusts to work in 2015. At that time it was 5159 full-time equivalent employees and a sickness absence rate of 5.58%. 63% of employees recommend it as a place for treatment and 55% recommended it as a place to work.

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