ⓘ Who Am I?


ⓘ Who Am I?

  • Who Am I? 1998 film, a Hong Kong film starring Jackie Chan
  • Who Am I 2015, a 2015 Chinese film
  • Who Am I 2014 film, or Who Am I – No System is Safe, a 2014 German film
  • Who Am I? 2009 film, a Cambodian film
  • Who Am I? 1921 film. a silent drama directed by Henry Kolker

1. Music


  • "Who Am I?", song by Charles "Rusty" Goodman
  • "Who Am I Sim Simma", song by Beenie Man
  • "Who Am I?", song from the musical Les Miserables
  • "Who Am I?" Petula Clark song
  • "Who Am I", 2010 song by Ace of Base
  • "Who Am I?", song by Craigs Brother from Homecoming
  • "Who Am I?", song featured in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Mimic Madness"
  • "Who Am I", song by Royce da 59" from the album Rock City
  • "Who Am I?", a musical track by Peace Orchestra from their eponymous album Peace Orchestra
  • "Who Am I?", song by Parachute Express
  • "Who Am I", 2016 song by Katy B featuring Major Lazer and Craig David
  • "Who Am I?" Casting Crowns song
  • "Who Am I?" song written by Jule Styne and Walter Bullock for the film Hit Parade of 1941
  • "Who Am I", song written by Leonard Bernstein, recorded by Nina Simone, Elvis Presley and others
  • "Who Am I" Will Young song
  • "Whats My Name?" Snoop Doggy Dogg song, also known as "Who Am I Whats My Name?"

2. Other

  • "Who Am I", teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi on self-enquiry
  • A question about personal identity
  • Who Am I?, a 1966 religious education book by Katherine Paterson