ⓘ Kussmaul's sign


ⓘ Kussmauls sign

Kussmaul sign is a paradoxical rise in jugular venous pressure on inspiration, or a failure in the appropriate fall of the JVP with inspiration. It can be seen in some forms of heart disease and is usually indicative of limited right ventricular filling due to right heart dysfunction.

  • diabetes mellitus. Kussmaul s sign is also an eponymous finding attributable to Kussmaul and should be distinguished from Kussmaul breathing. He published
  • rapid or reduced frequency seen in severe Diabetic ketoacidosis DKA Kussmaul s sign - Paradoxical rise in the Jugular venous pressure JVP on inhalation
  • referred to as the Kussmaul sign and indicates impaired filling of the right ventricle. The differential diagnosis of Kussmaul s sign includes constrictive
  • also called Gowers manoeuvre also called Hutchinson s incisors or Kussmaul respiration also called the double wall sign also Sister Mary Joseph sign
  • accompanied by an increase in the jugular venous pressure height Kussmaul s sign As is usual with inspiration, the heart rate is slightly increased
  • eponyms Kussmaul disease or Kussmaul - Maier disease reflect the seminal description of the disease in the medical literature by Adolph Kussmaul and Rudolf
  • catheterization Physical examination - can reveal clinical features including Kussmaul s sign and a pericardial knock. The definitive treatment for constrictive
  • septic shock, and metabolic acidosis see Kussmaul breathing, or in general any labored breathing, including Biot s respirations and ataxic respirations
  • the superior temporal sulcus produces pure word deafness Kussmaul 1877 or as it s understood today - speech agnosia. Patients with pure word deafness