ⓘ Truro Church (Fairfax, Virginia)


ⓘ Truro Church (Fairfax, Virginia)

There was no official Episcopal Church in the City of Fairfax until the Rev. Richard Templeton Brown, rector of The Falls Church, organized a congregation in 1843. The congregation first met at the historic Fairfax Courthouse and then moved to the private home of Mrs. William Rumsey, a Baptist from New York. There were fourteen communicants. A year later, a plain white frame church was built on the present site of the Truro Chapel and was consecrated as Zion Church in 1845.

As the Union troops in Virginia early in the Civil war, the Church was forced to leave the Church of Zion. During the Civil war, Zion Church was first used as a warehouse for ammunition, and then was destroyed. The house, which is now Gunnell house at this time was in a private house used as the headquarters of Union General Stoughton until 1863, when he was captured in the middle of the night Confederate captain John Mosby. Graffiti written by the officers was located in the building on the walls in the toilet on the third floor and is now on display in the Museum Fairfax.

In 1882 the house was purchased for use as a priest. At the time he was half the size it is today and has been expanded in its present form in 1911. It was the residence of the rector of the Episcopal Church in Fairfax until 1991, when it was first served as a home for single mothers and their babies Noelle house and then as offices for the Church in Truro. Currently Gunnell house is used as office and meeting space for the Church.

At the end of the Civil war, the congregation of Zion Church re-formed and began to meet in court of Fairfax County. Zion Church was rebuilt and consecrated in 1878.

Zion Church remains in active use from 1875 to 1933, when it was a new Church-chapel built to serve the growing congregation of 100 parishioners, under the leadership of Reverend Herbert Donovan. Designed to replicate the old paynes Church on ox road, the new Church was consecrated 1 may 1934, in the Episcopal Church Truro. The old building of the Zion Church used as a parish hall until it burned in 1952.

  • Truro Parish was the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Anglican church in colonial Virginia with jurisdiction originally over all of Fairfax County.
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  • Fairfax Parish was the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Anglican church in colonial Virginia with jurisdiction over part of Fairfax County with its
  • Rust Building and Truro Church Located in the district are the separately listed Historic Fairfax County Courthouse, Old Fairfax County Jail, and
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