ⓘ Dracula's Death


ⓘ Draculas Death

Draculas Death, or Drakula halala, sometimes translated as The Death of Dracula, was a 1921 Hungarian-Austrian silent horror film that was co-written and directed by Karoly Lajthay, and starred Paul Askonas and Lena Myl. It was presumed to be a lost film but critic Troy Howarth states in his reference book "Tome of Terror" that a print exists in a Hungarian archive.

The film marked the first screen appearance of the vampire Count Dracula spelled "Drakula", though recent scholarly research indicates that the films plot did not at all follow the narrative of Bram Stokers novel Dracula. Thus, Nosferatu 1922 is considered the first true adaptation of Stokers novel.

After originally opening in Vienna in 1921 and enjoying a long and successful European run, the film was later re-edited and re-released in Budapest in 1923 as The Death of Dracula.

Director Lajthay was both an actor and a director. Most of the films he worked on are considered lost.


1. Plot

A woman experiences frightening visions after being admitted to an insane asylum, where one of the inmates claims to be Count Dracula here following the Hungarian spelling Drakula. She has trouble determining whether the inmates visions are real or merely nightmares. The inmate is a leering figure, thin and pale with a widows peak, pointy ears and sharp teeth as he appears in existing stills, apparently wearing a cape or cloak. The poster actually shows a green-skinned monster with fangs and talons. He appears to her in her dreams when she sleeps. Eventually she escapes the asylum and later gets married, but the dreams continue to haunt her.


2. Cast

  • James Ard as the doctors assistant
  • Aladar Ihasz
  • Lena Myl
  • Erik Vanko aka, known by his stagename Paul Askonas as inmate who claims to be Count Dracula
  • Lajos Rethey
  • Dezso Kertesz as George
  • Carl Goetz as meatman
  • Elemer Thury as Doctor