ⓘ Aleppo International Airport


ⓘ Aleppo International Airport

Aleppo International Airport is an international airport serving Aleppo, Syria. The airport used to serve as a secondary hub for Syrian Air.


1. History

The history of the airport dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. It was upgraded and developed over the years until 1999 when the new current terminal was inaugurated.

In January 2013 the facility closed due to the Syrian Civil War, but after Syrian Army advances were made in the area, the airport briefly re-opened on 22 January 2014, welcoming its first civilian flight in more than 1 year flights were suspended in December 2012, carrying foreign journalists to the city. Following the Syrian governments recapture of eastern Aleppo during the Battle of Aleppo, an airplane conducted its first flight from the airport in four years. The flight, conducted on 5 January 2017, was a trial attempt by the government before the airport fully opens to the public.

On February 17, 2020, Syrian Transport Minister Ali Hammoud announced that the airport will resume civilian operations, with the first flight from Damascus to Aleppo scheduled for February 19, and an additional route to Cairo soon thereafter.

On 1 March, 2020 the airport was targeted by Turkish drone and artillery strikes.


2. Facilities

Aleppo International Airport has a modern terminal which combines a modern and Islamic architecture. The total area is 38.000 square meters over four floors. The airport capacity is 1.7 million passengers a year.


3. Airlines and destinations

After a seven-year hiatus due to the Syrian Civil War, flights have resumed on 19 February 2020, with the inaugural flight originating from Damascus International Airport.