ⓘ Chișinău International Airport


ⓘ Chișinau International Airport

Chișinau International Airport is Moldovas main international airport, located 13 km southeast of the centre of Chișinau, the capital city. It serves as headquarters for Air Moldova, the countrys national airline. The IATA airport code KIV is derived from Ki shine v.


1.1. History Early years

The first scheduled flights to Chișinau started on 24 June 1926, on the route Bucharest – Galați – Chișinau and Iași. The flights were operated by CFRNA, later LARES. A commemorative plaque, describing the first flight to Chișinau, was placed in the airport.

The main terminal was built in the 1970s, with a capacity of 1.200.000 passengers per year.


1.2. History Development since the 1990s

On 31 May 1995 Chișinau Airport was awarded the status of an international airport.

In 2002, following works by the Turkish company Akfen Holding, the airport was modernized. An annex terminal building with an area of 4.270 m 2 46.000 sq ft was added to the renovated old terminal building of 7.600 m 2 82.000 sq ft. The project covered construction of 3.000 m 2 32.000 sq ft curtain walls, 3.200 m 2 34.000 sq ft composite panels, 12.185 m 2 131.160 sq ft asphalt road, a treatment plant with a capacity of 3.450 m 3 122.000 cu ft a day, complete mechanical heating, ventilation and electrical systems, along with the X-ray security, luggage handling, master clock, and flight information systems. The annual capacity of the airport had increased to 5.4 million passengers.

Chișinau International Airport is a member of Airports Council International.


1.3. History Future plans

There are plans to enlarge the airport. The project involves €19 million loan to Chișinau International Airport for the rehabilitation and upgrade of the existing runway, taxiways, aprons, and ramps, engineering works, safety equipment and other connected core assets of Chișinau International Airport. The European Investment Bank EIB is considering co-financing alongside the EBRD for up to an equal amount.


2. Facilities

There were ten check-in desks and five gates at the airport in 2009. VIP and CIP guests are offered special services at the VIP terminal. A visitors terrace in the second floor opened in December 2006.

Previously passengers had to present their passport, ticket and their registration of foreigners – which used to be required. Passengers were allowed in the check-in hall. With the introduction of e-tickets and the abolition of the registration for foreigners the airport reorganized in late 2006. This resulted in a bigger check-in hall and customs control is now after check-in.

Towards the end of 2017, plans for a second runway were unveiled. This runway would take the place of the current taxiway just north of the existing runway. The project began in early 2017. Runway 09-27 started operations on 13 September 2018.


3. Ground transportation

There are bus and trolleybus lines and rutierele frequently departing from the airport aerogara. Rutiera line 165 passes through the Botanica district and continues to the city center. The AEROGARA bus departs from Piața D. Cantemir and has intermediate stops in the city center on Stefan Cel Mare street. It also stops at the central railway station GARA bus station. A trolleybus bus with the route 30 operates with a 20-minute interval from June 2017. This is different from rutierele, which may stop at any time, given the driver is notified a few seconds prior.