ⓘ Colorado Referendum I


ⓘ Colorado Referendum I

Colorado Referendum I was a proposed law that would have established domestic partnerships in the U.S. state of Colorado. The bill was passed by the Colorado General Assembly and was submitted to popular referendum during general elections on November 7, 2006.

Voters were presented with the following summary:

After approval by voter referendum establishes legal domestic partnerships in Colorado. In addition, she determines the qualification requirements, definitions, procedures, rights, duties, and means for terminating a domestic partnership.

and the following detail:

Bulletin title: will there be amendments to the Colorado revised statutes to authorize domestic partnerships, and in this regard, enacting the "Colorado domestic partnership benefits and responsibilities act" applies to same-sex couples to share benefits, protections, and responsibilities that are provided by Colorado law to spouses, providing the conditions under which a license for a domestic partnership may be issued and the conditions under which a domestic partnership may be terminated, ensuring conditions for the implementation of the law, and provided that a domestic partnership is not a marriage, which consists of the Union of one man and one woman?

The referendum indicated that the partnership is not a marriage, which "consists of a Union of one man and one woman."

In the General election, the proposal was defeated by a margin of 47% for, 53% against.

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