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Independent circuit

In professional wrestling, the independent circuit or indie circuit is the collective name of independent professional wrestling promotions which are smaller than major televised promotions. It is roughly analogous to a minor league for pro wrestling, or community or regional theatre. Specific promotions on the independent circuit are referred to as indie promotions or indies. A wrestler is said to be in the indies or working the indies if he or she is wrestling in one of the independent promotions, or working the indie circuit if he or she is performing in different independent promotions.


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  • Professional wrestling often shortened to pro wrestling or simply wrestling is a form of performance art and entertainment that combines athletics with
  • A professional wrestling promotion also federation or fed is a company or business that regularly performs shows involving professional wrestling Promotion
  • In professional wrestling a manager is a supporting character paired with a wrestler or wrestlers for a variety of reasons. A physically attractive
  • wrestlers in professional wrestling exhibitions Booking is also the term a wrestler uses to describe a scheduled match or appearance on a wrestling
  • arts, amateur wrestling and the real sport itself, wrestling No major promoter or wrestler denies that modern professional wrestling has predetermined
  • Professional wrestling in Japan has existed for many years. The first Japanese to involve himself in catch wrestling the basis of traditional professional
  • All - in wrestling was the first wave of professional wrestling in the United Kingdom to be based on the Catch As Catch Can style of wrestling It was conducted
  • In professional wrestling a feud is a staged rivalry between multiple wrestlers or groups of wrestlers They are integrated into ongoing storylines, particularly
  • In professional wrestling a face babyface is a heroic or a good guy wrestler booked scripted by the promotion with the aim of being cheered by