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ⓘ Laval-Les Iles

Laval - Iles is a federal electoral district in Quebec, Canada, that has been represented in the House of Commons of Canada since 2004.

Its population in 2001 was 100.137.

Of the population, 15.9% are Orthodox Christians, and 14.0% of Greek ethnic origin, as the highest percentage in Canada.

  • municipality Les Iles - Laval they became part of the city of Laval on August 6, 1965. Located northeast of Ile Bizard between the Island of Montreal and Ile Jesus
  • 2003, the riding was abolished when it was redistributed into Laval and Laval - Les Iles ridings. This riding elected the following members of the House
  • The Laval - sur - le - Lac Ile - Bizard Ferry is a seasonal cable ferry, or reaction ferry, crossing the city limits of Montreal in the Canadian province of Quebec
  • to the south by the Riviere des Prairies. Laval occupies all of Ile Jesus as well as the Iles Laval Laval constitutes the 13th region of the 17 administrative
  • politician of Lebanese descent, who was elected to represent the riding of Laval - Les Iles in the House of Commons of Canada in the 2015 federal election, El - Khoury
  • of the Liberal Party of Canada. She represented the Quebec riding of Laval - Les Iles in the House of Commons of Canada through 5 successive parliaments from
  • Chomedey, Laval - des - Rapides and Fabreville in the City of Laval The neighbouring ridings were Papineau, Saint - Laurent - Cartierville, Laval - Les Iles Riviere - des - Mille - Iles
  • club, Le Club Laval - sur - le - Lac, established in 1917. The seasonal Laval - sur - le - Lac Ile - Bizard Ferry, which does not operate in winter, connects Laval - sur - le - Lac
  • 2015. It was created out of parts of the electoral districts of Laval 78 Laval - Les Iles 12 and Alfred - Pellan 11 This riding has elected the following
  • the Montreal area Iles Laval an archipelago within the limits of the above city Laval electoral district riding in Canada Laval provincial electoral
  • Mille - Iles is a provincial electoral district in Quebec, Canada that elects members to the National Assembly of Quebec. The district is located in Laval and