ⓘ Wing Commander Academy


ⓘ Wing Commander Academy

Wing Commander Academy is an American animated television series created and produced by Universal Cartoon Studios, along with a team led by Larry Latham. The show was based on the Wing Commander franchise and loosely served as a prequel to Wing Commander. The shows premiere airdate was September 21, 1996 on the USA Networks "USA Action Extreme Team" block. The series last episode aired on December 21, 1996.


1. Spacecraft featured in the series

The series featured many spacecraft introduced in the Wing Commander video games. The Scimitar and Broadsword were the primary fighters and bombers flown by the main characters, with the Dralthi and Grikath fulfilling those roles for the Kilrathi. As in Wing Commander I, the TCS Tigers Claw was a Bengal class strike carrier. Individual episodes also featured cameo appearances from ships introduced in later games such as Wing Commander IIIs Arrow, Hellcat and Longbow and Wing Commander IVs Avenger. None of these ships are mentioned by name. A number of new capital ships were introduced by the series including the Achilles class destroyer and the Agan Ra Sivar class dreadnaught.


2. Home video release

On March 6, 2012, Visual Entertainment released Wing Commander Academy- The Complete Series on DVD in Region 1 for the first time. In the US, the release will be distributed by Millennium Entertainment.


3. Crossover

The episode 8, "Recreation" is the final part of a 4-episode crossover with 3 other shows that aired as part of the US "Action Extreme Team" programming block:

  • Street Fighter 1995–1997, US, animated: episode 22 209 "The Warrior King" Part 1
  • Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm 1996, US, animated: episode 9 "Resurrection" Part 3
  • Savage Dragon 1995–1996, US, animated: episode 21 208 "Endgame" Part 2