ⓘ Hof, Bavaria


ⓘ Hof, Bavaria

Hof is a town on the banks of the Saale in the northeastern corner of the German state of Bavaria, in the Franconian region, at the Czech border and the forested Fichtelgebirge and Frankenwald upland regions. The town has approximately 45.000 inhabitants, the surrounding district an additional 95.000.

The city Hof is surrounded by, but does not belong to the Bavarian district of Hof, however, in the areas of administrative seat.

Cities, the most important work of art, the Hofer altar, dates from about 1465 and is exhibited in the Alte Pinakothek in Munich today. The Heidenreich organ in the parish Church of St. Michael, built in 1834, is one of the best Bavarias.

Hof is known for two local "delicacies", namely Schnitz, a kind of hotpot, and sausages boiled in a portable, coal-fired brass cauldron, which are sold on the streets by the sausage man Warschtlamo in the local dialect. There is also a particularly strong beer Schlappenbier, which is only available on the first Monday after Trinity Schlappentag. This tradition goes back to the creation of city militia which forced all shooters to take part in a special shooting training each year. To avoid penalties, a lot of shooters rushed to the landfill in the morning, the last possible day, not even enough time to get dressed and thus still wearing their clogs Schlappen.

Theater Hof the Hof theatre is a versatile theatre, which was completed in 1994. It serves the Opera house and drama theatre, and hosts the citys ballet and theatre for young audiences. At the Hofer Symphony orchestra, the Hof Symphony orchestra plays in the Opera orchestra at the theatre and gave concerts in Freiheitshalle Hof.

  • Republic Hof district Bavaria Germany Hof Bavaria a town in the district Hof electoral district encompassing the district and another district Hof
  • SpVgg Bayern Hof is a German association football club based in Hof Bavaria The club was founded on 1 June 1910 as Ballspielclub Hof but within a year
  • Hof Plauen Airport German: Flughafen Hof Plauen IATA: HOQ, ICAO: EDQM is a regional airport serving Hof a city in the German state of Bavaria The
  • University of Applied Sciences Hof also known as Hof University of Applied Sciences Fachhochschule Hof or Hochschule Hof is a public non - profit business
  • Hof Hauptbahnhof German for Hof main station sometimes translated as Hof Central Station or described as Hof central station in English is the
  • Garten der Stadt Hof is a municipal botanical garden located in the Theresienstein park, at Alte Plauener Strasse 16, Hof Bavaria Germany. It is open
  • Theater Hof is a theatre in the German city of Hof Bavaria Coordinates: 50 19 11 N 11 54 18 E 50.319586 N 11.904941 E 50.319586 11.904941
  • of Hof in Bavaria in Germany. Trogen is nestled between hills in a valley. The Town is located about six kilometers northeast of the county seat Hof Saale
  • finally closed. This made it possible to travel from Regensburg to Hof through Bavaria without passing through Bohemia. 12 December 1859 Regensburg Irrenlohe
  • Hof is a Landkreis district in Bavaria Germany. It is bounded by from the south and clockwise the districts of Wunsiedel, Bayreuth, Kulmbach and Kronach
  • The Komodie im Bayerischen Hof is a large private theater in the Hotel Bayerischer Hof Munich, Bavaria Germany. Comedies, musical comedies, musicals