ⓘ Hard Hunted


ⓘ Hard Hunted

Hard Hunted is a 1992 action/adventure film starring Dona Speir, Roberta Vasquez, Cynthia Brimhall, Bruce Penhall and Geoffrey Moore. It was directed and written by Andy Sidaris. Its the seventh installment in the Triple B series.


1. Outline

Martin Kane smuggles a nuclear trigger out of China and agrees to sell it to a terrorist in the Middle East. The US Intelligence Services send a special undercover agent to steal the device from Kane, but she fails and is found murdered. A team of three further agents, Donna Hamilton, Nicole Justin, and Edy Stark, is then sent in to try to retrieve the situation, fighting a gang of hi-tech smugglers with a deadly array of weaponry and erotic charms.


2. Cast

  • Karen Klosterman as Air Force General
  • Steven Matt as Army General
  • Blake Yamashita as Edys Quartet
  • Brett Baxter Clark as Yacht Captain
  • David Friend as Navy Captain
  • Dona Speir as Donna Hamilton
  • Roberta Vasquez as Nicole Justin
  • Rodrigo Obregon as Pico
  • Richard Cansino as Coyote
  • Eric Brahms as Smuggler One
  • Willa Dean Crow as Edys Quartet
  • Joe Gianpietro as Paratrooper
  • Aaron Victorbrook as Senator
  • Viviane Brahms as Senators Assistant
  • Chu Malave as Wiley
  • Buzzy Kerbox as Cole
  • Paul Cody as Kidnapper
  • Robert Carillo as Smuggler Two
  • Cynthia Brimhall as Edy Stark
  • Rodd Saunders as Deputy
  • Geoffrey Moore as Kane as R.J. Moore
  • Echo Yamashita as Edys Quartet
  • Al Leong as Raven
  • Michael J. Shane as Shane Abilene
  • Carolyn Liu as Silk
  • David Hadder as Yacht Crewman
  • Richard Bentley as Six
  • Tony Peck as Lucas
  • Sebastian Fent as Radio Station Worker
  • Christian Drew Sidaris as Deputy as Christian Sidaris
  • Bruce Penhall as Bruce Christian
  • Skip Ward as Skip
  • Wess Shannon Rahn as Deputy
  • Becky Mullen as Becky
  • Brian Bennos as Deputy
  • Leland McKinney as Yacht Crewman
  • Ava Cadell as Ava
  • Tony Guzman as Edys Quartet
  • Ken Feinberg as Pentagon Guard as Kenneth Feinberg
  • Mika Quintard as Mika
  • Bern Mueller as Vulture Pilot
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