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ⓘ The Popes Children

The Popes Children: Irelands New Elite is a book by journalist and economist David McWilliams.

In his book McWilliams describes the effects that the Celtic Tiger and the property boom have had on Ireland, resulting in the rise of a new bourgeoisie.

The books title reflects McWilliams belief that Pope John Paul IIs visit to Ireland in the autumn of 1979 was a watershed in the countrys history. The children born during that period who at the time of publication are between the ages of 25 and 35 are "The Popes Children" – the first generation since the Great Famine of the mid-19th century to experience an increase in the size of the population. The rise in birth rates in Ireland began in the early 1970s and peaked in June 1980, exactly nine months after the popes visit. According to McWilliams, these 620.000 people became the countrys key generation. They are the dynamo of Irelands economy, politics and culture, and they will shape its face in the 21st century.

In November 2006 RTE broadcast a three-part documentary series In Search of the Popes Children based upon the book and presented by McWilliams.

Other books on the topic of the Irish economy from this author include The Generation Game and Following the Money, each of which continue with some of the same characters and topics.

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