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Alvaradoa is a genus of plants in the family Picramniaceae. It contains the following species but this list may be incomplete: Alvaradoa jamaicensis Benth. Alvaradoa amorphoides Liebm.

Balanites maughamii

Balanites maughamii is a protected tree in South Africa. Groendoring, a community outside Asab in Southern Namibia is named after this tree.


Bulnesia is a genus of flowering plants in the caltrop family, Zygophyllaceae. The wood of some – particularly B. arborea and B. sarmientoi – is traded as verawood or "lignum vitae". They are close relatives of the "true" lignum vitae trees of genus Guaiacum.


Crossosoma is a genus of the plant family Crossosomataceae. It consists of two species of shrubs. Crossosoma californicum Nutt. is found on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and San Clemente and Santa Catalina islands of California, as well as Guadalupe Island in Baja California. Crossosoma bigelovii S.Wats. occurs in the deserts of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Baja California.


Crossosomataceae is a small plant family, consisting of three genera of shrubs found only in the dry parts of the American southwest and Mexico. This family includes four genera and ten known species. The shrub like plant can vary from being 50 cm to 5 meters tall with small alternating leaves that surround the stem vastly or in small spurts. The Crossosomataceae consists of usually white flowers that are generally bisexual and have 5 petals attached to a nectary disk.


Fagonia is a genus of wild, flowering plants in the caltrop family, Zygophyllaceae, having about 35 species. Species occurring in the US are commonly referred to as fagonbushes. The distribution of the genus includes parts of Africa, the Mediterranean Basin, the Mid-East, India, and parts of the Americas. Fagonia species have been used ethnobotanically by traditional practitioners under Ayurvedic and other healing regimes for many maladies. Species occur in deserts, dry washes, ditches and on rocky outcrops, including at altitude. Fagonia laevis is a perennial herb of the United States des ...


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  • Mohd Rizal Fahmi bin Ab Rosid born 1 May 1986 is a Malaysian professional footballer who plays as a centre back for Malaysia Premier League side Selangor
  • recognized as such by APG II. They are flowering plants included within the Rosid eudicots. Species assigned to the Crossosomatales have in common flowers
  • family of flowering plants. The APG II system includes them within the rosid clade. All members of Melianthaceae proper are trees or shrubs found in
  • Oxalidales is an order of flowering plants, included within the rosid subgroup of eudicots. Compound leaves are common in Oxalidales and the majority
  • ROSIDS Rapid Open Source Intelligence Deployment System, which timeshifts the video then processes speech - to - text through the SAIL LABS Technology automatic
  • 1972 Argentine film. It is an Argentinian comedian movie written by V. Rosid and adapted to the big screen by Isaac Aisemberg. It is based in the theatrical
  • Putranjivaceae is a rosid family that is composed of 216 species of evergreen tropical trees distributed into presently four genera: Drypetes Lingelsheimia
  • The Muntingiaceae are a family of flowering plants, belonging to the rosid order Malvales. The family consists of three genera: Dicraspidia, Muntingia
  • Huaceae is a family of plant in the rosids group, which has been classed in the orders Malpighiales, Malvales, and Violales or in its own order Huales