ⓘ Cold Mountain (North Carolina)


ⓘ Cold Mountain (North Carolina)

Cold Mountain falls in the mountain region of western North Carolina, United States. The mountain is one of the Great Balsam Mountains which are a part of the Blue Ridge Mountains within the Appalachian Mountains. Cold Mountain and the Shining Rock Wilderness surrounding it are part of Pisgah National Forest.

Cold mountain is about 15 miles 24 km Southeast of waynesville and 35 miles 56 kilometers South of Asheville. He rises to his feet 6.030 1.840 m above sea level and the 40th highest mountain in the Eastern United States. The peak can only be reached by a very stressful branch of the art Loeb trail is 10.6 miles, 17.1 km there and back and to change the height of 2800 feet 850 m.

The vast majority of Cold mountain is falling on Federal lands shining rock wilderness Pisgah national forest. However. part of the mountain, including about 800 acres of 324 hectares of the North-Western Cold mountain Panther branch, which is in private ownership. There are about 15 homes on the Northwest side of the mountain and maintenance of feeder roads is financed by owners.

In 2016, the southern Appalachian highland farms purchased 162 ha 66 ha Dix Creek tract from private owners. The land was transferred to the Commission B. C. wildlife resources at the end of October 2016 and to increase the adjacent Cold mountain game land of 3.500 acres 1.416 hectares in 2017.

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