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ⓘ Saint-Leonard-Saint-Michel

Saint-Leonard - Saint-Michel is a federal electoral district within the City of Montreal in Quebec, Canada, that has been represented in the House of Commons of Canada since 1988. Its population during the 2011 election was 108.811.

After the resignation of the Deputy Nicola di Iorio in January 2019, the throne becomes vacant and will remain so until the next General election, scheduled for October 21, 2019. Saint-léonard–Saint-Michel was the first electoral district affected by the new rule that supplementary elections are not held on a seat that becomes free for nine months before fixed-date General elections. Patricia Lattanzio, a liberal, was elected in the General elections 2019.

  • borough is divided among the following federal ridings: Papineau Saint - Leonard - Saint - Michel Ahuntsic - Cartierville a small northwestern corner It is divided
  • Italia. The parish of Saint - Leonard - de - Port - Maurice was founded in April 1886 and eventually became the City of Saint - Leonard - de - Port - Maurice on March 5
  • Saint - Leonard electoral district Saint - Leonard - Saint - Michel a federal electoral district in Quebec, Canada Saint - Leonard - Anjou a former federal electoral
  • 1976 as Saint - Leonard riding from parts of Maisonneuve - Rosemont, Mercier and Saint - Michel ridings. It consisted of the City of Saint - Leonard the Town
  • Lajoumard, administratively part of Saint - Leonard - de - Noblat, is one of the oldest villages in Nouvelle - Aquitaine. Saint - Leonard - de - Noblat is the hometown of
  • Papineau in 2003. This riding gained territory from Outremont and Saint - Leonard - Saint - Michel during the 2012 electoral redistribution. 2004 to 2011 election
  • Saint - Leonard - Montreal - Nord station is a commuter rail station operated by Exo in the borough of Saint - Leonard Quebec, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It
  • Saint - Michel station is a Montreal Metro station in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is operated by the Societe de transport de Montreal STM and is the eastern
  • Saint - Michel Montreal - Nord station is a commuter rail station operated by Exo in the borough of Montreal - Nord, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is served
  • of Paris. Inhabitants of Saint - Michel - sur - Orge are known as Saint - Michellois. Saint - Michel - sur - Orge is served by Saint - Michel - sur - Orge station on Paris
  • Ensemble Scolaire Saint Michel de Picpus is a Roman Catholic private school system in the Paris metropolitan area. It has a preschool nursery maternelle
  • cite de Saint - Leonard English: Municipal Renewal Party of Saint - Leonard was a political party based in the suburban community of Saint - Leonard in Montreal