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Blonski, fem. Blonska is a Polish-language toponymic surname associated with the city of Blonie. The East-Slavic variant of the surnam is Blonsky.

Famous people with this surname include:

  • Jan Blonski 1931 – 2009, Polish historian, literary critic, publicist and translator.
  • Jan Blonski 15 January 1931 10 February 2009 was a Polish historian, literary critic, publicist and translator. He was a leading representative of
  • Jan Kidawa - Blonski born 12 February 1953, Chorzow is a Polish film director, producer and screenwriter. He initially studied architecture at the Silesian
  • the era in Poland. His love poems are often classed as mannerist. Jan Blonski has called Sep Szarzynski a mystical poet full of abstraction and Wiktor
  • Polish comedy television series, broadcast in 2003. 12 episodes were aired on TVP1. The series was directed by Jan Kidawa - Blonski and Krzysztof Lang.
  • Polish: Skazany na bluesa is a 2005 Polish film directed by Jan Kidawa - Blonski It tells the story of Ryszard Rysiek Riedel, leader of Polish blues
  • The Albanian by Johannes Naber Silver George: Best Director: Jan Kidawa - Blonski for Little Rose Best Actor: Nik Xhelilaj for The Albanian Best Actress:
  • East Slavic language surname, a variant of the Polish - language surname Blonski Feminine forms: Blonska Блонська, Ukrainian Blonskaya Блонская, Russian
  • Daniel Mroz, Jerzy Waldorff, Slawomir Mrozek, Ludwik Jerzy Kern and Jan Blonski List of magazines in Poland Srednia sprzedaz ogolem pazdziernik Przekroj
  • after the campaign for a new theatre first started. Designed by architects Blonski - Heard with Kut Nadiadi and Robert Doe, the theatre design employed the
  • Polish: Rozyczka is a 2010 Polish drama film directed by Jan Kidawa - Blonski The lead actress Magdalena Boczarska received the IFFI Best Actor Award
  • The scholars are then invited to become fellows of the Collegium. Jan Blonski Leszek Balcerowicz Bronislaw Geremek Aleksander Gieysztor Hanna Gronkiewicz - Waltz