ⓘ Walter Archer Frost


ⓘ Walter Archer Frost

Walter Archer Frost was an American writer of plays and stories. He served in the U.S. Army. He authored the story the film The Siren was based on. He also wrote the 1925 play Cape Smoke. He also wrote the play the 1929 film Black Magic was based on.

In 1909 it was published in Overland monthly. In 1912 he wrote for harpers Bazaar.

Frost was born in amenia, new York. He was part of Harvard class of 1901. He received a bachelors degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1904. He married SusanWinifred McCurdy. He died in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

School Director, teacher and writer Simeon Taylor frost was his father. He had a twin brother.

The plot of the book the Man between includes South African "medicine man", who casts a curse that affected both American and some British.

After changing career to law, he became an associate editor of the Munsey company oublication Chevalier publications in new York and lived at the hotel Judson.

He was married in 1905. The marriage announcement States he was from Neenah, Wisconsin.

He also worked for good housekeeping, the magazine of the peoples, and the journal Munseys.

He served as a captain in the quartermaster corps.

Frost died in the veterans hospital Newton Baker in Martinsburg, West Virginia on March 10, 1964.

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