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He attended the Instituto San Isidro, leading to a degree in law, but he practiced for only a short time before deciding to change careers, having been a writer since his youth. As a member of the tertulia at the Cafe Pombo, he appears in a famous group portrait by Jose Gutierrez Solana. He was married to the tonadillera and cupletista, Aurora Jaufrett, who performed under the name "La Goya".

In the end, he became a journalist, beginning as a collaborator in the informal "daily journal", "nation", during the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, and then took a position with the daily ABC, and the associated log from Blanco Negro. Later he was a member of the Juntas and de Ofensiva Nacional-Sindicalista Jons of which was the Phalanx.

During the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, he has worked for publications such as tops, later becoming the editor of the newspaper, F. E. From Sevilla, Spain to Tangier. He also held several minor political positions.

In 1953 he was named Juan Carlos I Gazette de La Villa de Madrid, the official chronicler of Madrid. He also was awarded the National prize and the Premio Nacional de literature. Shortly after his death, on the street, where he lived most of his life was renamed for him. Circulo de Bellas Artes hosted a commemorative plaque on the corner.

  • Laura Borràs i Castanyer born 5 October 1970 is a Spanish Catalan philologist, academic and politician. Born in 1970 in Barcelona, Borràs studied philology
  • flown to Brussels. Borras then returned to Spain. On 2 November 2017 Audiencia Nacional judge Carmen Lamela remanded in custody Borras and seven other Catalan
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  • Systaime, whose real name is Michael Borras born 29 January 1973 is a French contemporary visual artist. His name of artist Systaime, chosen in the late
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