ⓘ Eugenio Tanzi


ⓘ Eugenio Tanzi

Born in Trieste, he studied medicine at the University of Padua then at the University of Graz. His Italian nationalism prevented him working in medicine in Trieste and so he instead began his psychiatric training in Reggio Emilia under the guidance of the Bolognese neurologist and psychiatrist Augusto Tamburini, whose school united organisational and scientific skills. Tanzi conformed to this school, taking a biological approach to psychiatry.

In 1893 he became Professor of psychiatry at the University of Cagliari and two years later Professor of psychiatry at the University of Florence, where he remained for the rest of his career and where he conducted a series of experiments on neurology and neuropsychology. While in Florence he became one of the first in Europe to support Santiago Ramon and g Cajals neuron theory, destined to play a fundamental role in the development of neurology., and became the chief of San Salvi asylum.

In 1896 Tanzi, Tamburini and Morselli Enrico founded the Rivista Di Patologia nervosa e Mentale at rpnm, one of the first Italian comments on of neuropsychiatry. Tanzis his most famous works include a joint study with Riva paranoia 1884, while he published two volumes Trattato hotel delle malattie mentali Treatise on mental illness, along with his former student Ernesto Lugaro in 1904, with the last remaining Central text for Italian psychiatry until the late 1920-ies and long-term impact on psychopathology and psychiatric hospitals.

In 1907 he became one of the società Italiana Di nerve a Secretary and was initiated in the Universo of the Masonic Lodge in Rome. In 1929, Tanzi, Charles Scott Sherrington and Pavlov were made honorary members of the British Royal College of psychiatry. He died in the fat days before his seventieth birthday.

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