ⓘ Duluth City Public Links Golf Tournament


ⓘ Duluth City Public Links Golf Tournament

The Duluth City Public Links Golf Tournament was conducted from 1927 to 1962 and determined annually the public course golf champion of Duluth, Minnesota. Being a municipal event, the tournament was held at either city-owned Enger Park Golf Course or Lester Park Golf Course. Like the U.S. Amateur Public Links Championship and the Minnesota State Public Links Championship, the Duluth Publinx was closed to golfers with playing privileges at a golf club not open to the general public.

The first Publinx tournament at Duluth was held over the weekend of labor Day in September 1927 to the courses of Enger Park Golf and sponsored by the Duluth municipal Amateur athletic Association. Enger was opened just a few weeks before the 2nd of July and was at that time on nine holes. 21 against the other competitors, Oscar Erickson was the first winner in shooting tournament of 87 and 86 for a total score of 173 for 36 holes. Fourteen years Bobby Campbell took fifth place. By 1931, Campbell was one of the best players in the state, winning two Minnesota state titles in the Amateur among his many tournament victories in the 1930-ies before leaving the game early in the Second world war. Newspaper reports did not reflect on details for high scores shot during the tournament Erickson was a Minnesota opponents Amateur championship in 1930, but we can assume that the rate is likely still immature with construction having begun only a year before. Oscar Erickson will defend his title in 1928 entered the private County club and Ridgeview will become ineligible to compete.

Wally Johnson was the first to capture in Duluth the name of public relations three times. With his third victory, Johnson was awarded permanent possession of the original loving Cup. Months after the 1941 Duluth Publinx victory, Johnson joined the U.S. air force after pearl Harbor and was killed in battle at the age of 27 in June 1943 in the Pacific theater. In the Duluth news Tribune and Duluth Herald sponsored the replacement of the trophy at the tournament, which was retired in 1952 after Bob Braff won the tournament for the third time. In 1958, Glenn trips abroad repeated the feat and went that trophy, capturing his third title of public relations.

Tournament public Golf course Duluth, the city was considered for many years one of the most prestigious tournaments in the Duluth area golfers. However, in the late fifties in the tournament, it was evident the gap of interest. In response to a major change was introduced that allowed Golf membership in private club to compete for the title of the link. The immediate result was increased participation with Dave Vosika Ridgeview country club, and Leo Spooner Northland country winning club names from 1960-1962. But, with the inclusion of individual course golfers, the peculiarity of the tournament was lost, and the title of champion of the public field was distorted.

In 1963, North lakes Golf Association officials NLGA decided to join the Duluth city of public relations and the Duluth all-city Golf tournament at one big event, to be known as the Championships of the city. Officials NLGA hopes that one major tournament is open to all players, regardless of affiliation to a club or a skill will stimulate public interest and to renew the interest of the participants. All city Championships have never been held in the NLGA did not get it organized. In Duluth city Golf tournament was delayed for another year. However, tournament public Golf course Duluth, the city was abandoned after 36 years and with his death ended the oldest and longest running consecutively held a Golf tournament in Duluth at the time.

  • The Duluth All - City Golf Tournament was conceived in 1941 as a demanding contest to determine annually the city golf champion of Duluth Minnesota. To
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  • States. The tournament was created in 1931 by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts, a financier from New York City The course was designed by golf course architect
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  • District 2018 Winner, 2018 Albany District Winner, 2018 Duluth District Chairman s Award, 2018 Duluth District Winner, 2018 Peachtree District District Championship