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Brechbuhl or Brechbuhl is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Beat Brechbuhl born 1939, Swiss journalist, translator, and publisher.
  • Ulrich Brechbuhl, U.S. government official.
  • Urs Brechbuhl born 1946, Swiss biathlete.
  • Urs Brechbuhl born 8 March 1946 is a Swiss biathlete. He competed in the 20 km individual event at the 1980 Winter Olympics. Evans, Hilary Gjerde
  • Thomas Ulrich Brechbuhl is the Counselor of the United States Department of State, holding the position since May 1, 2018. He replaced Maliz E. Beams
  • the mouse Z. Anat Entwicklungsgesch. 140 1 39 52. PMID 4749131. Brechbuhl J Klaey M Broillet MC. 2008 Grueneberg ganglion cells mediate alarm
  • Nizon, Jurg Acklin 1973 Hans Ulrich Lehmann 1974 Silvio Blatter 1975 Beat Brechbuhl 1976 Rolf Horler 1979 Alice Vollenweider 1980 Hermann Burger, Franz Boni
  • Galerie Brechbuhl modern art 1971 Munchen, GroSe Kunstausstellung Haus der Kunst 1971 Munchen, Kunstzone 1971 Koln, Kunstmarkt Galerie Brechbuhl Galerie
  • Prophet 1995 ausgesetzt 1997 Manfred Bosch forBoheme am Bodensee 1999 Beat Brechbuhl forFussreise mit Adolf Dietrich und forseine Beitrage zu Auf dem Rucken
  • labels such as leaker, troublemaker, and turncoat. While Ulrich Brechbuhl Counselor of the United States Department of State, disputed the report s
  • Chem. Senses. 41 5 399 406. doi: 10.1093 chemse bjw015. PMID 26892309. Brechbuhl J Moine, F Klaey, M Nenniger - Tosato, M Hurni, N Sporkert, F Giroud
  • 24, 2007 The Art of the Deal Forbes. Retrieved January 2, 2013. Brechbuhl Regula October 13, 2011 The Nahmad Collection: An exciting experiment
  • be the subject of an unfounded smear campaign. In an email to Ulrich Brechbuhl the State Department counselor and confidant of Secretary of State Mike
  • the first round of the singles event. In 1952 she partnered Henri Paul Brechbuhl in the mixed doubles event and lost their first match. She teamed up with