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ⓘ Zabinski

Zabinski or Zabinsky is a Polish surname. Notable people with this name include:

  • Zelda Zabinsky, American industrial engineer.
  • Antonina Zabinska 1908–1971, writer who sheltered hundreds of Jews in the holocaust, married to Jan.
  • Jozef Zabinski 1860–1928, Polish chess player.
  • Jan Zabinski 1897–1974, zookeeper who sheltered hundreds of Jews in the holocaust, married to Antonina.
  • liberation Zabinski became a member of the State Commission for the Preservation of Nature Panstwowa Rada Ochrony Przyrody Jan Zabinski authored approximately
  • Jozef Zabinski 1860 27 December 1928 was a Polish chess master and problemist. Born in Warsaw then in Russian Empire he was educated in a high school
  • Jan and Antonina Zabinski can refer to: Jan Zabinski Antonina Zabinska
  • People s Republic was a Polish writer connected, through her husband Jan Zabinski with the Warsaw Zoo. Antonina Zabinska s literary debut was a short story
  • Zabinskis continue to occupy the villa, and the zoo itself is converted first as a pig farm and subsequently as a fur farm. Jan and Antonina Zabinski
  • II, Jan Zabinski the director, together with his wife Antonina and their son Ryszard, saved more than 300 Jews from the Holocaust. Jan Zabinski was seriously
  • Gross Shira Haas as Urszula Val Maloku as Ryszard Zabinski Timothy Radford as Young Ryszard Zabinski Martha Issova as Regina Kenigswein Goran Kostic as
  • Hochschule Zurich in 1884. In 1883 84, he took second place, behind Jozef Zabinski in the Warsaw City Chess Championship, scoring 19 22. In Switzerland
  • Bookshelf, 2001. ISBN 1 - 891448 - 07 - 2 Hull, Jeffrey, with Maziarz, Monika and Zabinski Grzegorz. Knightly Dueling: The Fighting Arts of German Chivalry. Boulder
  • Chess Federation PZSzach was created on 11 April 1926 in Warsaw. Jozef Zabinski was the first chairman. The initial statute outlined the fundamental objectives