ⓘ Yandex.Metrica


ⓘ Yandex.Metrica

Yandex.Metrica is a free web analytics service offered by Yandex that tracks and reports website traffic. Yandex launched the service in 2008 and made it public in 2009.

As of 2019, Yandex.Metrica is the third most widely used web analytics service on the web.


1. Features

Yandex.Metrica uses a simple JavaScript tag that a webmaster implements on their website. The tag collects audience, traffic, and behaviour data for the website. Metrica can be also linked with Yandex.Direct online advertising platform to collect ads conversion rate.

  • OLAP ClickHouse was developed by the Russian IT company Yandex for the Yandex Metrica web analytics service. ClickHouse allows analysis of data that
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