ⓘ Ottawa—Vanier (provincial electoral district)


ⓘ Ottawa-Vanier (provincial electoral district)

Ottawa - Vanier is a provincial electoral district in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, that has been represented in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario since 1908. It is located in the east end of Ottawa.

Riding was represented in the Legislative Assembly by liberal Madeleine from 2003 until his retirement in June 2016.

Top, with a large Franco-Ontario population in Vanier, Overbrook, Lower town, and in neighboring areas, was one of the most solidly liberal in the country in recent years, electing the liberals, both Federal and provincial in every election since 1971.

A significant minority drive in the former city of Vanier, which was merged with Ottawa in 2000. Vanier has long been home to a lot of Indians Ottawa French-speaking population, but in the period between 1992 and 2001, the size of this language group fell by almost 50%. Since 2003, the population of the entire riding has fallen by almost 10% at a time when other Nations capital increased by approximately 5.2%. Rode now has the second oldest population in Ottawa.

Largely riding, which was known as the French drive the English from the face was mostly English riding 65% with a French face. The riding also contains the wealthiest part of Ottawa, Rockcliffe Park, which gives some support for the progressive conservatives, but liberals. In areas with higher proportions of English-speaking residents, including sandy hill and new Edinburgh also tend to vote liberal, but with significant support of the Ontario new democratic party. The riding is characterized by below-average voter turnout and annual losses in the amount of about 1% of voter support for the provincial liberals since 1987, thereby reducing their support from approximately 74% to 50% of 1987-2007.

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