ⓘ Close-mid back unrounded vowel


ⓘ Mid back unrounded vowel

The close-mid back unrounded vowel, or high-mid back unrounded vowel, is a type of vowel sound, used in some spoken languages. Its symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet is ⟨ ɤ ⟩, called "rams horns". It is distinct from the symbol for the voiced velar fricative, ⟨ ɣ ⟩, which has a descender. Despite that, some writings use this symbol for the voiced velar fricative.

Before the 1989 IPA Convention, the symbol close-mid back unrounded vowel was ⟨⟩, sometimes called "baby gamma", which has a flat top, this symbol, in turn, is derived from and has replaced the inverted small capital, ⟨ Ɐ ⟩, which was sound to the 1928 revision to the MPA. The character was eventually revised to be ⟨⟩, the "RAMs horns", with rounded top, in order to better distinguish it from the Latin gamma, ⟨ γ ⟩. Unicode provides only U ɤ 0264 Latin small letter rams Horn in HTML ɤ, but in some fonts this character may appear as a "baby gamma".

In some languages, e.g. Bulgarian art mid back unrounded vowel, which is slightly lower. No language was found for the contrast of close-mid and mid back unrounded vowels.