ⓘ Remember To Rise


ⓘ Remember To Rise

Remember To Rise subtitled Blacks Dream is a derivative work of the Philosophers Legacy, a massive art collaboration. Observing innovation in developing countries, technologist of Ijebu descent Ade Abayomi Olufeko, known for his collective signature created the work as a cultural bequest for the African continent.

Described as a polymath by Vanguard for his international work, Olufeko teamed up with the African business club at the London Business School, during its summit which held at the Landmark hotel, he introduced the digital painting parallel to his attendance and guest moderation of a social cultural panel that featured high-profile personalities.


1. Background

The art piece evolved as an expression and active statement to the intellectual elite, in context of highlighting economic bubbles, fragmentation, and ethnocentrism towards the continent from its diaspora. Remember To Rise serves as a nonpolitical symbol and a call to action towards the youth, encouraging the expansion beyond the rapid dominance of general pop culture and African music on the world stage. The collaboration between Olufeko and the club at the business school leveraged the attendance of renowned public figures by their respective fields.


2. Artwork, title and construction

In context of economic cause and effect, observing the activities of several industries on the Intra-trade in Africa, the title of Remembering To Rise; Blacks Dream came to fruition. The artwork is an abstract painting that shows researched data guided by geometric shapes, and displays arabic calligraphy excerpts by the famous poet Rumi. It also displays permanent markers, scattered citrine clusters with acrylic powder glitter on heavy-coated paper, making the classification of the art work mixed media.

Showcasing the breath of African culture, the framing of the artwork in Zellige motifs is accompanied with Amazigh and berber languages. Adding to the practice of inclusion across the sub-Sahara, the final assembling was done in the Ojuelegba community. The abstract aspects of Remember To Rise is inspired by astronomical star Eta Carinae.


3. Personnel

Various persons part of the Remember To Rise project from The Punch

London Business School

  • Soji Solanke - 2018 African Club Co-President
  • Elena Zhukova - 2018 African Club Conference Chair
  • Amine Bendriss - 2018 African Club Co-President


  • Abdellatif Abdul - Amazigh, Arabic and berber linguist
  • Wonu Talabi - Artist assisting team Conference
  • R. Sibaoueih - Artist team
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