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GroSbottwar is a town in the Ludwigsburg district of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. It sits within the Neckar River basin and is located on a tourist route through the Wurttemberg wine region. The GroSbottwar region has been inhabited since at least the Stone Age and was occupied by the Romans. The town itself was founded sometime during the mid-13th century by an alliance of prominent families. In 1971, GroSbottwar incorporated the formerly independent communities Hof und Lembach and Winzerhausen.

Unlike most cities in the region, GroSbottwar was not much affected by the war, no city lights, so there are many old buildings from the 15th to the 17th century with an original and well preserved wood. The 16th century Rathaus, or city hall, is famous for its half-timber construction and decoratively carved façade. In Stadtschanke, approximately dated to 1434, is the oldest half-timbered house in the Ludwigsburg district.

  • Bottwar is a river in Baden - Wurttemberg, Germany. It passes through GroSbottwar and flows into the Murr in Steinheim an der Murr. List of rivers of Baden - Wurttemberg
  • 10 January 2012. Brock, Sandra 26 January 2010 Aus Wahlkampf in GroSbottwar gelernt Stuttgarter Zeitung in German Retrieved 30 December 2011
  • University of Education and teaches at the Matern - Feuerbacher Realschule in GroSbottwar She married Oliver Baumann, and they have two children, Ines and Eric
  • clockwise Lauffen Neckar Ilsfeld both in the same district GroSbottwar Mundelsheim, Besigheim, Gemmrigheim and Kirchheim Neckar all of the
  • vineyards. The closest neighboring towns are Beilstein to the north and GroSbottwar to the south. The villages Gronau located northeast of Oberstenfeld
  • municipalities of Beilstein are clockwise from the south Oberstenfeld, GroSbottwar both in the district of Ludwigsburg Ilsfeld, Abstatt, Lauffen am Neckar
  • Backnang. The Bottwar rises near Prevorst, flows southwestwards via GroSbottwar to Steinheim on the Murr, where it ends. The Schozach rises near Lowenstein
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  • expatriate living in Nuremberg, was found shot dead in a rest stop near Grossbottwar A week later, Wethey s car was used in a bank robbery in Cleebronn by