ⓘ Gräfenberg, Bavaria


ⓘ Grafenberg, Bavaria

Grafenberg is a Franconian town in the district of Forchheim, in Bavaria, Germany. It is situated 16km southeast of Forchheim and 25km northeast of Nuremberg.

  • Grafenberg may refer to: Grafenberg Bavaria a town in Franconia, Germany Lazne Jesenik German name Grafenberg administrative part of city Jesenik
  • Grafenberg Castle German: Burg Grafenberg is the older of two former castles in Grafenberg in the Upper Franconian county of Forchheim in the south German
  • Grafenberg Castle German: Burgstall Grafenberg also called Landesehre Castle Burg Landesehre is a levelled hilltop castle near 360 m above sea level
  • The Grafenberg Railway German: Grafenbergbahn is the railway line from the Nuremberg Nordost station via Heroldsberg, Kalchreuth and Eschenau to Grafenberg
  • between Untertrubach and Dornhof near Grafenberg in the county of Forchheim in the south German state of Bavaria The fortification was recorded in 1417
  • communities clockwise from the north are: GoSweinstein, Obertrubach, Grafenberg Leutenbach, Pretzfeld Egloffstein is divided into 16 parishes: Affalterthal
  • Thuisbrunn is a village in the municipality of Grafenberg and lies in the region of Franconian Switzerland in Germany. In 1007 Emperor Henry II gifted
  • Nuremberg on the so - called Grafenberger Lokalbahn Grafenberg local line to the town of Grafenberg known as the Gateway to Franconian Switzerland
  • had its own train station which connected the cities of Erlangen and Grafenberg The town is also connected to Erlangen s bikeways, which are used by many