ⓘ 1983 (TV series)


ⓘ 1983 (TV series)

1983 is a Polish crime drama web television series created and written by Joshua Long, based on an original idea by Long and Maciej Musial, set in an alternate timeline in which the fall of the communist Polish Peoples Republic never happened, and the Iron Curtain is still in place. It is Netflixs first Polish original series; eight episodes were produced by Netflix, and were released on 30 November 2018.


1. Premise

The series is set in 2003; a terrorist attack took place in Poland in 1983 which altered the course of history. The Iron Curtain is still in place and the Cold War did not end. Law student Kajetan Maciej Musial and Milicja Obywatelska investigator Anatol Robert Wieckiewicz uncover a conspiracy that could potentially start a revolution.


2. Cast


  • Zofia Wichlacz as Karolina Lis
  • Robert Wieckiewicz as Anatol Janow
  • Maciej Musial as Kajetan Skowron
  • Andrzej Chyra as Wladyslaw Lis
  • Michalina Olszanska as Ofelia Ibrom


  • Mateusz Kosciukiewicz as Kamil Zaton
  • Edyta Olszowka as Julia Stepinska
  • Agnieszka Zulewska as Maja Skowron
  • Ewa Blaszczyk as Maria Gierowska
  • Wojciech Kalarus as Mikolaj Trojan
  • Patrycja Volny as Dana Rolbiecki
  • Vu Le Hong as Bao Chu "Uncle"
  • Clive Russell as William Keating
  • Miroslaw Zbrojewicz as Kazimierz Swietobor

3. Production

On 6 March 2018, Netflix announced that the series was in production, consisting of 8 episodes. On 2 October 2018, the first teaser trailer was released, with the series set to premiere globally on 30 November.