ⓘ Stepmom (1973 film)


ⓘ Stepmom (1973 film)

Stepmom is a 1973 Soviet drama film directed by Oleg Bondaryov and starring Tatiana Doronina, and Leonid Nevedomsky.

Doronina was recognized as Best Actress by according to Soviet Screen Magazine, and also was awarded the Film Festival in Tehran.


1. Plot

In Pavel Olevantsevs family unexpectedly comes the news that his daughter was orphaned by another woman. Pavel did not know about the existence of the girl, nor could his wife know about it.

Its not easy to decide to take the child to your home. But it is much more difficult to put the girl to her, to give her the joy of childhood and the belief that she is not alone.

But Pavels wife Shura, in spite of everything, believes that the love and affection that helped her all her life will help her survive this difficult situation.


2. Cast

  • Vladimir Samoilov as Viktor Vikentievich
  • Leonid Nevedomsky as Pavel Olevantsev
  • Ira Khlopkova as Alyonka
  • Nadezhda Fedosova as Shuras mother
  • Sasha Dalyky as Yurka
  • Vera Kuznetsova as Yekaterina Alekseevna, teacher
  • Tatiana Doronina as Shura Olevantseva
  • Lena Kostereva as Sveta, Pavels illegitimate daughter

3. Release

Leader of Soviet film distribution 1973. Occupies by attendance 28th place among domestic films in history of Soviet film distribution 59.4 million viewers.